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How to set and attain your goals with ease

» Introduction
How many times have you set a goal and never seamed to actually reached it? You know setting the goal is not the challenge, it's the follow up and follow through that throws everyone off. So how do you overcome the problems of not following through? Set yourself up so all you can do is succeed. Read more to find out how.
» Step 1
First, begin with the end in mind. Let say in the next 5 years you want to be financially secure. To really determine if you really want financial security in five years, ask yourself, "what would my life look like if I remain broke, who in my family would be affected and how?"
» Step 2
Once you determined the real importance of the goal, determine if the goal is truly realistic. Find other people that have reached your goal or one similar to it to gauge if your goals are realistic.
» Step 3
Your goal must be measurable. To say you want to have financial security is to vague. A better way to express one aspect of financial security is to say that in the next 2 years you will save $300/month to add to your emergency fund to cover 3 months of my expenses.
» Step 4
Prioritize your goals. Based on your overall plan, what is the most important? What has to be done over anything else? In addition, what has to be done simultaneously to get to your end result? Addressing these questions will help you develop clear action plan to reach your goals.
» Step 5
Create a vision board. Scientific research shows that most people think in images not words. One way to keep your eye in the prize is to cut out images that represent your goal. Once you completed your vision goal, put it in a highly visual spot and look at it daily.
» Step 6
Break down each one of your goals into weekly and daily tasks. As you accomplish each task, check it off. This practice will help you stay motivated and before you know it you reached your goal!
» Step 7
Last but not least, meditate and pray about the goal with gratitude and as if it is already met. In Ephesians 3:20, "God can do immeasurable more that we ask or imagine." Stay in tune with the Creator and allow God to lead you straight to your goals. You have to let go and let God.
» Step 8
Setting goals helps you to stay focused and prayer helps you to filter out the noise that can be stumbling blocks. To learn more about how to develop money-wise skills visit

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