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How to date on a budget with style

» Introduction
To keep the dating scene alive on a tight budget can appear hard but in reality it is quite simple if you're creative. This is really for the fellas out there that think women only look at a guy if he is of great means. Character and originality count more that you may know.
» Step 1
First, consider your budget. How much have you allocated in your budget toward dating/entertainment? Once you have that figure do not go beyond that. A woman that sees a man is managing his money verses penny pinching is a plus, assuming she is not materialistic.
» Step 2
Put pride and ego to the curb. If you are in a tight situation temporarily and are working toward a realistic goal, be content with your present circumstances. Know that you are not the only one that has to tighten the belt and it will not be forever. Besides money does not define who you are, how you interact with money defines who you are; is it all about character.
» Step 3
Be creative. A non-materialistic women can appreciate a free outdoor concert where you can bring your own food while enjoying the concert. You could consider dining at restaurant that includes entertainment, go to an art gallery or organize a pot luck dinner party and invite a few couples. It's the quality not the quantity.
» Step 4
Dating on a budget can be fun and adventurous. You just have to have an open mind, be confident and be creative. Visit to find discounts and low cost places to go. If you want to know more about how to get out of a tight financial jam visit

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