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true beauty

» Introduction
living an learning, that is one major way i like to approch each day of my life, an threw trial an era, ive found what works for me in terms of inner beauty as well as outter beauty, i want to share this information, i hope u enjoy:D
» Step 1
i have offten times been mistaken for being a whole lot younger then i acually am, an i attribute this to the way i approch life, allthough i have my own problems, as we all do, there is one thing in life i try never to forget, and that is how very importaint it is to love an be loved, u see we are all here trying to find, be near, feel, understand, each other aswell as our selves. "we win once we are born", this is one of my mottos, because it is the one out of the millions of sperm that made it to the mothers egg that created each an every one of us, an that is why i say "we win once we are born", lol, yea, i may think a bit abstract an wiered, but in my defence im an artist, hence-my poor spelling aswell, LOL, bare with me guys:D
now i want to share with u what has worked for me, so here is my 10 ways to staying beautiful inside an out.
» Step 2
#1 never be envious of anyone for any reason, as this will strip beauty from u so fast, iv seen this happen to many people, we are all energy, we are all connected and can feel eachother, insecureity can be senced, an when u are envious u are insecure an unattractive in the spirit, and what effects the inner will surly effect the outter, causeing one to be undesirable.
#2 keep ur inner child alive an connected to u, ok let me explain, people are allways telling me "zeena, u are so much like a little girl"LOL, this is true, i played with dolls untill i was 15, yea, an i loooooved playing as a child, i dont think i ever wanted to grow up, in a lot of ways i didnt grow up and i love it, its the little things that amaze me, as an artist i see art in every thing in essence that is the way a childs imagination is. it doesnt matter what u do for a living or what ur hobbies are u must allways take time out to use ur imagination, have fun with life, ur mind is ur secret world have fun, live like u are 10 aigan, what i mean by that is dont be affriad to sit on a swing an feel that breez, lay on a lawn an look up into the clouds or the stars, it sure brings me great happyness to lookup. lookup at that sky its yours:D
#3 be ur self, u have to be authenticly u, never compromise ur self becuse this will surely lead u to missearies door.
#4 love, ok this is the big one, because most people can misinterpret love, i will try to make this simple. in order to love u must trust, in order to trust u must be able to be trusted. this is 15,000 year ol asian phlosophy, an i live by it. so it may be easier said then done, but remmember what ever u work hard at, u will eventually attian an acheve, but only if ur hart is in the right place, belive me, cause this is how the universe works, what u give u will trully get, for example, if u want love u have to give love. if u are cold an distant u will giveoff that negative energy an drive people away. u see beauty can be found in every thing so alltamently devine beauty is found inside ur soul an this devine beauty can never die. when u love u open up your heart an grow learning more an more about ur self as u give ur love, the universe blesses u with love, soooo much love, it is as i said earlier what u give is what u will get. so love an be loved.
#5 be consious of otheres, every one has feelings an emotions this includes animals aswell, treat every one the way u want to be treated, ok, this may seem corny, but it is sooooo true, iv seen people go down the tubes in life, an thinking back, they werent "nice people." if u really feel as though the world owes u something u will never feel free an u will spend a great deal of ur life regreating, bitching, an just basically seeing the cup half empty, an that is noooo way to live, we can truly put ourselves in our own personal hells, so truly look for the good in people, an i promise u, u will find it an the world will open up to u in ways unimaginable. i cant stress this enough, because this way of thinking has truly turned my life in a 360 degree direction. negitive thinking will put more wrinkels on ur soul as well as ur face, so remmber think an behave in a positive way torward ur fellow human an our animal friends. there is so much love out there for u, the universe has always been there just wating to give u all u truly deserve.
#6 exert confidence, im really going to have to stress this, lacking confidence can ruin ones self esteem, true beauty exerts confidence, u should always walk erect with ur head held high, never slump or walk as though ur not worthy, for example, body language is real, an people can pick up on insercurity as iv stated earlier, so make sure u walk tall. no matter who u are u are important, u are a living breathing life form, full of light an energy, so never forget ur greatness. never be arogant, but do be confident, there is a difference.
#7 educate ur self, this may very well be the most important step one can make in an effort to bettering them selves. growing up in the innercity, or as me an my friends like to referre to it as the ghetto, i remmber feeling as though i didnt really matter, my ideas, who i was, or who i was going to grow up to be, just didnt matter, i was uneducated, ignorent, totally confused an unaware of my lifes path. with little understanding of the self one can truly go threw life feeling blind in the soul. see this is were the propper reading matterial can help to set ur caged mind free, im not saying u need a degree in anything pacific all im saying is read what u like, feed ur hungry mind the knowledge u need to help u fix whatever it is inside u that can help u in ur journey to bettering ur self, take notes from the books u like, as i find this can be soooo helpful. now, the library is free so there are no excuses, happy reading:D
#8 stretch, "ur body is ur temple," i know u probably heard that befor, but it is so true, u will find ur self feeling much better just by stretching ur body a few minutes a day, ur so worth it. its like this, the blood flows easier sending oxogen threw ur body, its basically like waking up ur insides, making u feel more alert an better equipted to takel the rest of ur day, an when u feel better u look better, there are so many books out there on the subject of stretching, nutrition, excercise, ect. so take the first step by starting with some sort of stretching reggamin that suits u. i find that as little as 3minutes a day can make all the difference, but its really all up to u an what u can handle.
#9 wakeup the face, ok, im going to be honest here, i dont have a problem at all with ageing, so im not a fan of extreem surgery too "look beautiful," i think its sad when people go threw dangerous extreems inorder to "look good" although I am all for being the the best looking u, u can be. i find that when i wake up in the morning all pale an puffy, nothing works better for me then washing my face an then i massage and workout the muscles in my face, i also tenderly pintch every inch of my face as i find that it brings the blood back into it alot faster then just wateing for the color to come back to my face on its own, last but never leest, u must moisturize, well for me, moisterizing is at the forfront to my face reggaimed, u can use whatever product u like an trust, dont laugh, but i find that minarial oil an plan ol vaseline work the best for my skin, ive tryed higherend products an found they just didnt work aswell. by the way theres books on all this stuff as well. even though genitics may play a huge roll in how young some one might look, i know that my face has trully benefited from these excercises.
#10 eat to live, now a days people are ethier taking to many vitamin supplaments, which can be dangerous, or there over eating or undereating. at any rate, unhealthy eating seems to be the problem for most, i find that eating when im hungry works best for me, iv read much on the subject of healthy eating an one thing i can say is that colorful food such as veggies an fruits are sooooo much better an easier to digeist, basically cut down on carbs an that means suger too. what works best for me is that i eat whatever i want i just dont over do it, an i dont use food to comfort myself. although i love food an adore cooking, i make sure to give myself whatever it is i truly want, i dont just eat to eat. for example, i back a cake, i will have a very thin piece an most of the cake i will share an give away to friends an family, it makes me feel so good to watch people eat an enjoy my cooking. vitamins are also important to me, my favorits are vitamin c, calcium, iron, fish oil, centruim, i never take a lot of vitamins at once i alternate them an i also dont beleive in takeing vitamins every day, so i may skip days. dont be afraid to talk to ur local pharmasist on the matter of vitamins, i find they can be very informative.
» Step 3
i trully hope that this information can help the reader, because i have grown so much from observing, studying an learning the information i put into these basic 10 steps,
"beauty is in the eye of the beholder" i so much believe this, that is why i dont really concern myself with the extera more then the interea. i thank u for reading, love is love people, now go out there an learn ur selves:D may the creator bless uall:)

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