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Looking on the Outside

» Introduction
Prepare for a new look into finding that someone special in your life....Now
» Step 1
"Looking On The Outside"

Looking on the outside, when you're looking for your true soulmate in life do you…….

Look for what kind of shoes that person has on?

Look at what kind of clothing they wear and what brands are they?

Look for how much jewelry that person has on?

What kind of car he or she is driving?

Look for a specific body type?

Look for certain hairstyles?

Look at what they're social standings are?

Look for someone who is financially stable?

Look for someone who likes to party?

Look for someone who is sexually experienced and can satisfy you?

Now, has finding all of these qualities in anyone ever fulfilled your desires?. None of these attributes have anything to do with love at all but yet we base our happiness on these things being visible. Our society glorifies these images and desires so that we may continue seeking for what's on the outside for something we desire that comes from what's on the inside. Love has absolutely nothing to do with clothing and what kind of cars we drive or what kind of homes we live in. It has nothing to do with how well that person pleases you sexually or how popular they are in the sight of others. It has nothing to do with hair, shoes, body type or money….but this is what we have been programmed to look for when choosing a companion. Love is an emotional sensation that allows us to experience growth, harmony, happiness, peace of mind, strength and even longevity of life. To choose from that which is visible to us only causes us to stumble for it is the great illusion of love and promotes nothing but confusion and disharmony. I can't tell you how many of my personal friends who have chosen to look for love in this way and trust me when I say that…NONE OF THEM ARE EVEN CLOSE TO BEING HAPPY. We love the idea of others approving of our choices when it comes to choosing a companion but even when our friends first meet our choice of person, they too judge based on appearance.

Have you ever went to a car dealership and made your decision on what type of car you wanted clearly on how the car looks?. At any time, did you ever wonder about the performance of that vehicle or how well the car does on gas?. Did you even check out the trunk or what kind of engine the car had?. Ladies, have you ever baked or prepared a meal and the look of the meal was tha shit but your guest thought that it tasted like spoiled eggs and dirt…hahaha. Well, these are just examples of how we choose to indulge in things clearly on it's outward appearance. I have experienced baking a cake to later find out that it wasn't quite done on the inside..eeww. This is no different from how we choose the people we wish to have our committed relationships with. How many times have you made the decision to start a committed relationship with someone who completely satisfied our visual delights but later discovered that the person was such a mess that we couldn't wait to get rid of them?. How many times have you began a relationship with someone who may have been financially secure but later found out that their attitude about life and how to treat others was unrealistic and flat out f'd up?. Back in the day when my grandmother was dating, she spoke of things like courting and taking your time to meet that persons parents and how it took a few months before anything happened sexually. Have you ever applied for a job and got that position totally on how you looked….and when I say job I'm not speaking of anything that includes entertainment. First you have to fill out the app and then present a resume and then the interview comes afterwards. Depending on what that company is looking for, it can take months to get a yes or no on you getting hired for that position. This process takes place because most companies want to know if you're capable of doing everything you say you can do and that all that you have claimed to have done can be proved. When a mechanic decides to go out and purchase a car, his decisions on what kind of car to drive away with will be based on something far different from how the average person chooses. This is because he wants to get his money's worth for what his hard earn money can afford. How many people enjoy purchasing something to only turn right around and return it because it was defective?. We must understand that these things are no different from choosing our companions. In this microwave society we are taught to choose quickly and return it quickly if it doesn't satisfy you…everything has become expendable. Time is the ultimate illusion that has been created for us and has no true power over our experiences in this life but for some reason or another we believe that without it nothing can get done or achieved. An older gentlemen once told me that life may appear to be moving fast but always make it your decision to decide slowly and the rewards of this will return 3 times fold. Love can not be acquired with a glance or based on any physical attribute!. It is an emotional experience that must be made with wisdom and that wisdom comes to us by way of our own trial and error. I would like to suggest that you seek that which is within yourself first and began to understand what it means to love you!. And for those of us who wonder why we can't find that special someone….just observes your constant mistakes in how you are choosing. To change this cycle you must first notice that the way you make decisions are not exactly sound and have caused you to stumble over and over again. Go within and find what you love about yourself and then learn to respect yourself…others will do the same when they see you doing so. After you have learned to enjoy just being you and spending time with you…then you can go out and began to look for people who love themselves just as you do. Observe the persons mind and how their thinking may add or take away from your own desires and views about life. Compromise is the killer of the seeker of true love and it must be eliminated. So if you are one of those people who can say yes to the majority of what that list above has described, then you should truly evaluate your frame of thinking and what has caused you to see life in this way. When you choose, choose for yourself because your friends will not have the experience of loving the person you chose in the way that you do. Create original thought and witness the abundance in your life……


Negus Moshe

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