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It's Time to Celebrate Your Career!

» Introduction
Career development is 100 years old....this is the time to stop and take stock on your own career path.
» Step 1
November is National Career Development Month and not only that, we in the field of career guidance are celebrating 100 years of service. This year’s theme is “Inspire Your Career—Develop Your Dreams”

In 1908, Frank Parsons established the first vocational guidance clinic and outlined the basic principals of vocational guidance, cementing him as the founding father of vocational psychology. Since then, millions of people have performed millions of jobs.

Obviously our concept of work has changed quite a bit, and continues to evolve at an accelerated rate, with the advent of internet, and especially web 2.0 and 3.0 platforms. It is now a common idea that not only work can be fun, it IS SUPPOSED to be FUN.

For me, my own career started out working in the higher educational setting. In 1999, I decided to become self-employed and the rest, they say, is history. My own career has many twists, turns, and surprises, as I am sure yours has too.

One of my favorite things to discuss is how people "got into" what they are doing. Feel free to share your story here.

One of my goals is to help people follow their bliss, fulfill a greater purpose, and to leave the world a little better because they were here.

So in celebration, I am inviting you to join me for 5 special events:

1). Take my free Is Your Spirit Working Quiz to find out how much spirit you are bringing to your current work situation:

2). Listen my radio interview
Topic: Discover Your Divine Life Purpose: How to Make the Shift So You Can Sing the Song in Your Soul
listen to replay at

3). Check out my newly released book, Get Your Career on the Fast Track at a Friends only discount:
(receive bonuses worth hundreds of dollars)

4). Request your 11 minute Career Check up Coaching Call with Me (limit to the first 11 people to connect with me)

5). Jump Start Your Career with a Free package including an mp3, the 7 Steps to a Smart Career Change, and the Presence Process diagram:

Additionally, I would love to hear how your own career has progressed and what you have learned along your journey.

Do You Absolutely LOVE what you do with a Passion?
Would you do what you are doing even if you did not get paid?

If yes, Celebrate!
If no, Educate.

So here’s to you, the work you do now, and the work you will do in the future. Be sure to give yourself a big pat on the back for a job well done and do something nice to reward yourself!

May you be blessed with abundance, joy, and happiness.

Michelle L .Casto
The Soul Coach

“Work is love made visible.” ----Kahlil Gibran
At the essence of any great career is love and passion—it is literally a labor of love. ---Michelle L. Casto

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