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Strategic Public Relations
Looking for new publicity? We've placed clients in such media as Time, USA ... (full description)

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If you're launching a PR campaign, you want to mak...
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No one knows what the media wants because what the...
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Starting a
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PR is a cumulative process, use what you can from ...
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A campaign can take up to two to three months befo...
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Looking for new publicity? We've placed clients in...
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When launching a media relations campaign think bi...
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To launch a successful TV PR campaign, you need to...
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No small business would exist or function under th...
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You can't successfully promote your business unt...
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Through public relations, small businesses can com...
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Perhaps the most difficult question that a musicia...
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The most effective marketing approach is a strateg...
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YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace…. What do all ...
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The press release is your calling card to the medi...
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Having worked in traditional PR for the past (howe...
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The most important part of a media campaign or pub...
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Whereas in the past people would choose to read a ...
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Pitch your book and you have a certain number of s...
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Synopsis: A PR campaign is not a business fire sa...
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Just as the image of a physician giving a patient ...
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The first few months of a campaign can be difficul...
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Synopsis: A self-published author's real struggle...
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The story is king when it comes to the media. You...
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If you’re a small or mid-sized company, you’re goi...
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In “The Vanishing Newspaper” (2004), Philip Meyer,...
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This is the most challenging job market since the ...
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How to use one article to launch your PR campaign ...
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This brave new marketing world is not only intimid...
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Not many figure out why they started their busines...
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We’re living in a time where not only has marketin...
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Market to your strengths. Don’t simply follow som...
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A struggling economy offers those that move forwar...
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Although public relations usually takes some time,...
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