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How to Shop When the Funds are Tight

» Introduction
When the money is tight and with the season of giving coming upon us where can you fine quality gifts at affordable prices? Read on to find out more…
» Step 1
Google search Sample sales on your local area. Sample sales carry tons of designer clothes, accessories and shoes at rock bottom prices.
» Step 2
With many stores going out of business or closing certain stores, now is the time to clean up. Check out places like Mervyns, Linen & Things, CompUSA, and Circuit City.
» Step 3
Go to places like Goodwill, the Salvation and consignment shops in high income areas. They will have quality items at a very affordable price. Sometime you can find items that are still new, you just have to have a good eye to spot the quality.
» Step 4
Support local craft artists. Many of their items are personalized, unique and affordable. is a place to shop for quality, hand crafted one of a kind jewelry sets.

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