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Infinite Banking Concept - Basic Principles

» Introduction
Do banks sell anything? Of course not. They're a transactional broker. All they do is transfer money and get paid. What if you could create your own bank for your own financing needs? You can.
» Step 1
An introduction of the “Infinite Banking System” Forever Change Your Financial Future
By Kelly O’Connor, American Guaranty Financial Group
What if you could recover the interest expenses you pay to finance cars or other major purchases?
What if you could recover the “lost fortune” on the money you needlessly give to financial institutions?
What if you could redirect your current spending on financing into a guaranteed growth tax deferred?
If you could, then wouldn’t you?
You can, if you learn the simple solution that already exists in creating your own “Infinite Bank”. Once you learn the truth behind the most important business in the world – banking – you will apply those same principals in creating a tailwind of savings and tax-deferred growth for life.
Nelson Nash, Author of “the Infinite Banking Concept”, and public speaker has been educating individuals for many years on creating a banking system for infinite growth and wealth. He found that the Infinite Banking Concept has worked its magic for well-known families and businesses for over 200 years. The concept uses banking principals and is protected by a 200-year old tax code. When utilized in your day-to-day financing the concept creates “Infinite Possibilities”.
» Step 2
By limiting the ravaging effects of interest and taxes paid, while maximizing interest earned, a person’s financial wealth will compound and grow substantially year after year. Over 52% of the average American’s paycheck goes directly to interest and taxes. If you could redirect interest paid to financial institutions directly back to you while limiting tax exposure you have the ingredients for wealth accumulation.
The first step is to understand the world’s flow of money, by doing so you’ll learn how to become a part of that flow. It’s no secret that banks and financial institutions control the flow of money. Banks sell no products, they don’t distribute any goods, but they control the world’s flow of money. A bank’s business plan is quite simple: banks earn a rate of return on deposits. They let you deposit your hard earned money and grant you the ability to write checks from your account. They lend based upon YOUR FUNDS or YOUR Security and leverage based on YOUR MONEY to make a rate of return. Isn’t it an interesting concept that you receive nothing for your deposit and pay interest when you take out a loan? Who is reliant on whom and who controls the flow of money, you or banks? Who continues to grow while who continues to fight a headwind?
To change the headwind of interest and taxes that you pay (remember 52%), you have to think like a bank and develop your own “Infinite Bank”.
Once you understand how to set up “Your Infinite Bank”, you’ll have a tool to reverse the headwind of interest you currently pay to banks, a tool to control your money, an instrument to earn a guaranteed rate of return all while receiving tax-free growth. You’ll also have the power to borrow from yourself and to direct future interest payments BACK TO YOU. By setting up your “Infinite Bank” you have the USE AND CONTROL of YOUR MONEY. You’ll also have an “Infinite” way to grow and compound your money AND many other “INFINITE BENEFITS”!
» Step 3
The “Infinite Banking” – Basic Concepts
Infinite Banking- FINANCING vs. INVESTING
A person’s need for financing is a critical element in a wealth strategy. If one knows the secrets to financing, then one will benefit in ALL of their investments.
The Infinite Banking Concept is a life plan for FINANCING which has investing, savings, tax-free benefits and many other life benefits. FINANCING is a process and not a product. The mind-shift that all have to go through is in challenging the Infinite Banking Concept on the merits of its investment results alone. If you’re able to save hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars because of the Concept, then you are able to leverage your saved earnings into ALL INVESTMENTS, including building a cash cow within the Concept. Once individuals see how the entire concept can work for them, the light bulb switches on to the “INFINITE POSSIBILITIES”.
This concept will challenge your fundamental practice of financing. It’s okay to first doubt it and to question it; after all, you have built up a belief and your daily financial habits based upon what you have learned. Unfortunately schools don’t teach what you are about to learn. Fortunately it is never too late to start your “Infinite Bank”.
The average person earning $60,000 a year in their lifetime spends $1,500,000 in interest and taxes. What financial position would this person be in if they could retain half of that? If they could redirect this into their retirement, compounded annually, tax-deferred, where would they be over their lifetime? Wealth is created through FINANCING not just through INVESTING. Wealth is also created through COMPOUNDING over time.
There is no other way to generate wealth with such speed and such consistent results.

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