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Top 11 Self-Reflection Questions for Years End

» Introduction
Someone once said, “You cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening your own,” which I believe to be true, because I learn and grow from my clients every day. For me, coaching is sacred work. I feel that we are all on a spiritual journey, one that involves remembering who we really are and what our unique life purpose is. In this sacred partnership, I play the part of a guide - lighting your path, walking beside you, as you find your way
» Step 1
What worked in my life this past year? What did not work?
What brought me happiness/disappointment?
Where was I successful?
What were my greatest challenges/lessons?
What am I most proud of ? What do I most regret?
What attitudes and actions will I take with me into the new year? Which ones do I want to keep in this year?
What limiting beliefs did I shift? What negative emotions did I shift?
When did I follow my intuition?
How did I grow, improve, and expand myself?
How much love did I share?
What do I want my intention to be for 2008
» Step 2
Michelle L. Casto, Ph.D. is known as the Soul Coach, because she helps people get in touch with the work that ignites their inner fire, and empowers them to shine their bright light in the world. As an inspirational speaker and author, she teaches people how to gain a higher understanding of themselves, and uses a unique Soul-Centered and Integrative process that taps into their passion, purpose, and power. Her latest book, Get Your Career on the Fast Track: A Navigational Guide for the Modern Manager is a comprehensive and interactive book that covers career management from A-Z.

Enroll in the Career Change Academy: or visit any other of her life-transforming websites: to help you shine more brightly in all dimensions of your life. to transform any area of your life NOW articles, books, and resources to live wisely See me on Follow me on Friend me on Facebook ļ

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