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Don't Get "Clobbered" by the Media!

» Introduction
Whether you’re writing your first article, or your first book…what you really want is: for people to know about it, and really get them talking about who you are and what you do. You want to turn up the heat! The most successful way to work with the media is knowing how to how to “tell it to sell it!”
» Step 1
“Don't Get Clobbered" By the Media” -- By Gayl Murphy

You finally did it! You wrote your book! You sat down at your computer for six months, twelve months, two years and your book is finally here! And now it's time to tell the world about it. It's time to step up to the microphone and "Tell it to Sell it!"

And, you thought writing your book was daunting? Just wait till your first media interview; when that little "red light" goes on and you quickly realize the person that’s interviewing you hasn't read your book and doesn't have a clue who you are, or what you've accomplished. What then?

Doing press and being interviewed can really be fun. You get to be the star of "The Me Show," starring YOU! How cool is that?

Being interviewed by the media isn't a trip to the dentist's office, although in hindsight it can feel that way sometimes – like, when you're driving home from the interview yelling at yourself in the car; "What was I thinking? I should have never said THAT! I should have said THIS!"

Steve Martin told me in an interview once, that for him “…the interview process is a little bit of a performance and its a little defensive, depending on your nature. But, what could be more fun [than] to talk about yourself and have everyone stare at you like they're really interested?" Gotta love that Steve . . . and he can be a good interview too, sometimes.

So, how do you tell the world about who you are, what you've done, written, accomplished or discovered and WIN in "media-land?" How do you get media-savvy? And, how do you survive the media without getting clobbererd?

You become media-savvy by knowing what the media wants and giving it to them! By having an arsenal of "Interview Tactics!" and using them each and every time you're called upon to get your message out there, "red light" or not.

Having "Interview Tactics!" is about creating a clear concise message, putting it out there, having it understood and then moved forward. And, that includes ANY environment where you open up by: stepping up, delivering your message or pitch, peaking your listeners' interest and wrapping it up in 30 seconds or less!

I use a lot of sports metaphors in my book, “Interview Tactics! How To Survive The Media Without Getting Clobbered,” and I do that because working with the media is really a lot like sports, and being successful in the media is about teamwork; listening, performance and knowing the rules!

You wouldn't walk onto a football field, or basketball court not knowing the rules of the game, would you? Of course you wouldn’t. So, the key to getting your message out there is: work in tandem with the media and educate yourself as a team player about what the other side NEEDS to move YOUR message forward.

Veteran Hollywood Correspondent, Gayl Murphy estimates she’s interviewed over 14,000 celebrities and newsmakers in her successful broadcasting and news career. In that time, many of Hollywood's biggest stars and newsmakers have shared their INTERVIEW TACTICS! insights with her about how they survived the media.

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