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Fixing a Broken Window

» Introduction
Replacing a pane of glass need not be a pain. It does require simple basic precautions.
» Step 1
Immediately clean up all glass shards fallen from the window

Measure the size of the pane replacement.

Cut or purchase the correct size pane.
» Step 2
Remove all old glass and glazing compound.

Install the new window pane.

Secure with glazier's points.

Apply the glazing compound.

Paint the glazing compound to match the frame.
» Step 3
For temporary protection from the weather, pull all glass shards out from the frame with duct tape.

Cover the pane with a heavy guage sheet, taping sucurely to the frame with duct tape.

Add extra measure of safety until the pane can be relaced, by usung a corrugated piece of fitted cardboard to fit snuggly into the frame on the inside of the house.

To temporarily repair a cracked window, apply duct tape to along both sides of each crack.

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Replacing a pane of glass need not be a pain. It d...
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