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Why this is the best time for the VA Career

» Introduction
Obviously this career is pretty strong already. This is the tech era and will probably be for quite a while. People don’t write letters or even talk on the phone as much as they text or instant message eachother. In fact, these incredible factors of technology have created their own language from brb (be right back) to yt (you there). Not to mention the fact that as an upcoming movie will show, it has even begun to affect aspects between people and within people.
» Step 1
However, this time right now has more reasons why the Virtual Assistant career is a profitable path for a second or even a main income.
1. The Economy is bad…or is it?
We are in a recession, but as a life coach said to a colleague of mine, we can fight and work to allow the affect on us to be minimal if not non existent. During times of strife, Americans have always found a way to get through, from Victory Gardens to Training programs. Individuals can do the same. New avenues are needed, and this futuristic career path is one road that will not upset. Think of it, working on your own schedule, from home and not through a “Get Rich Quick Scheme” but for a real company and for yourself.
» Step 2
Transportation can and will increase as a result of number 1.
It is bound to happen ladies and gentlemen…from gas to train. We are already seeing it in groceries and there has already been a whisper of re-increasing in gas prices. However there is one problem, people still need to work. So what is a person to do? Well working from home can definitely help this issue, don’t you think? Hence, Virtual Assisting will allow your funds to stay with you and not to be decreased by this inconstant requirement of the traditional careers.
» Step 3
Companies still require help but can they really afford it?
The recession has not only affected business to close but also to take cutbacks and reductions that could inadvertently risk their company. So they require help, but not at the same cost they had before….hmm where can a company get help like that.
» Step 4
This is a techno age…where 6 year-olds are learning http’s before their ABC’s and kids are texting instead of talking. The career of a virtual assistant is one that will stay, but now is the time where starting it will allow you to thrive. We are in a time where new objectives are required for survival and careers such as these are just the ticket. Aspects that are needed for the traditional career are becoming too expensive or unattainable to society’s majority. Now is the time to become a V.A.

Our course can teach you a step-by-step method towards designing your virtual assistant career. All you need is a phone and an email.

Learn about this possibility and how to make it yours take a look at our course menu for more details.

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Obviously this career is pretty strong already. Th...
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