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Learn the #1 Insurance Myth and 13 Reasons Not To Believe It

» Introduction
#1 MYTH: Get the most insurance coverage for the least amount of money. FACT: Fund the MOST cash value possible for the least amount of death benefit. Why?
» Step 1
1. During your lifetime, do you have a greater need for financing or protection?

2. You use it to solve the need for financing and a tax-free retirement. (Read my article “How to use your cash value for tax-free income in retirement”)

3. It’s just like a bank – what you put in you can take out.

4. Because it’s like a bank, you use it. Borrow from it. Pay it back and you will end up with more protection (death benefit) than you need…your beneficiaries certainly won’t be disappointed.

5. You are redirecting money into an entity that YOU own and control. It’s your “company” or “bank”.

6. No employer, no financial entity, and NO government can tell you how much you can put in and when you can take it out. Read that one again. They also can’t make you take a required minimum distribution because you hit a certain age.

7. By funding more cash value you always have access to the cash portion of the policy.

8. Because whatever you put in is principally secured (i.e. will never lose money) and engineered to get better every year. Probably should read that one again too.

9. Your policy receives a guaranteed rate-of-return with a dividend and continues to compound…tax free.
» Step 2
10. What you put in you can borrow back out without any fees, you can borrow it tax free, and the interest you pay back to yourself goes to your cash value tax free. (Read my article “Why you should pay yourself back”)

11. Did I mention that any wealth wrapped up in cash value insurance is safe from litigation, probate, and even IRS liens? Yep, read that again. Take a guess why professional athletes like this financial instrument so much? Ever wonder why O.J. never paid a penny but yet still golfed?

12. “But Kelly, I pay cash for everything.” If you walked in your bank and asked the banker to still credit you interest for the account balance that it was BEFORE you took the money out to pay cash for an item what do you think your banker would say? “Uh, no. You will receive interest calculated at your current balance.” Not so with an insurance policy. Even if you “withdraw” money (i.e. borrow from your policy) your cash values still grow at the full rate AND the full balance. That’s one of the main reason high wage earners (i.e. top executives and professional athletes) utilize this tool instead of a standard bank. (Read my article “Scrooge the Banker vs. Me the Banker”).

13. Me personally, the #1 reason, TO LEAVE A LEGACY…a legacy that will live on for generations…as long as they continue to teach it to each other.
» Step 3
You can have everything you need and anything you want...don't use the bank...Be The "Bank" what the wealthy have done for's can do it...we can show you how.


Kelly O’Connor
The Banking Guy

Kelly O’Connor, AKA “The Banking Guy”, is one of a few individual’s in the state of Colorado who is considered an expert in helping people not only understand but implement a personal banking system through the tool of insurance. His clients range from 19 year old “kids” to professional athletes. For information on books about this topic, Kelly’s live seminars and webinars, or a face-to-face appointment please email or call 720.226.6840.

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