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Learn How to use Your Cash Value for TAX FREE Income

» Introduction
» Step 1

After years of never paying a bank a penny but using your “bank” to finance your life (I mean seriously, have you ever looked at the Truth in Lending Statement of a mortgage loan? If you make every scheduled payment you will undoubtedly pay for the house two times. Imagine if one home was financed by you and all those payments went back to you plus interest and NOT to the bank – now throw in some cars – then throw in the kids weddings – heck, even their college – the list of items we typically finance at the bank goes on and on) you’d be stuck with (so sorry for you) a rather large amount in your cash value. It’s now time to retire. What do you do?

» Step 2

1. Do policy loans have to be paid back? NO! Are they tax-free? YES!

2. How does the policy loan get paid off? Well, when you pass-on, die, graduate, whatever you want to call it…your death benefit will pay off any outstanding loans. What’s left over will be passed to your beneficiaries income tax-free.

3. Seriously, think about the power of that.

4. Over your lifetime you gradually redirected all of your financing to YOUR entity that you own and control.

5. This entity obviously grew to a substantial figure.

6. Then, when you’d like to no longer pay yourself back – i.e. retirement – you “borrow” from your account and you NEVER have to pay it back.

7. The IRS has already ruled that loans are not a taxable event; therefore, your income is tax-free.

8. What if you used that tax-free income to fund another tool that would provide income-for-life?

» Step 3

You can have everything you need and anything you want. Don’t use the bank. Be the Bank. Do what the wealthy have done for ages…it’s a paradigm shift…you can do it…we can show you how.


Kelly O’Connor
The Banking Guy

Kelly O’Connor, AKA “The Banking Guy”, is one of a few individuals in the state of Colorado who is considered and expert in helping people not only understand but implement a personal banking system through the tool of insurance. His clients range from 19 year old “kids” to professional athletes. For information on books about this topic, Kelly’s live seminars and webinars, or a face-to-face appointment please email or call 720.226.6840.

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