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Do What the Wealthy Have Done For Ages...Be the Bank!

» Introduction
Consider this conversation with Mr. Scrooge, the not-so-friendly banker and Me the Banker (an example of Infinite Banking at its finest).
» Step 1

I speak:

“Good day Mr. Scrooge. Thanks for taking time to speak with me today about the purchase of an asset of real property. Mr. Scrooge, the property I want to purchase is valued at $1,000,000.00. Here are the terms I would like to have for this purchase…

- First, I want to purchase this property with no down payment.

- I also want to purchase the property without any credit check and based solely on my willingness to commit to level monthly payments that your bank guarantees will never increase.

- I want a guarantee from the bank that the property will never decrease in value.

- I want any growth in equity value to be tax free.

- If I decide later that I no longer wish to own this property, I want the bank to guarantee that the equity I have built up will be paid to me in cash or as a lifetime income that I cannot outlive and that the property will revert to the bank.

- If I decide that I don’t wish to make payments for some period of time I want the bank to automatically make those payments for me as a loan against my equity at a guaranteed rate of interest.

- If I want to borrow against my equity for any reason, I want the bank to make the loan without question or qualification.

- If I do borrow, I want the bank to only charge me a guaranteed rate that we agree upon before signing the purchase application – even if the loan is requested years into the future – and I want the bank to accept any payments I make, even if they are less than enough to repay the loan.

- If I die prematurely, before the property is fully paid for, I want the bank to pay my heirs the entire $1,000,000.00, less any loans I have taken, regardless of how many payments I have made – even if I die in the very first month after purchasing the property.

- I want to be able to make extra payments and I want the bank to keep track of them for me.

- Finally, Mr. Scrooge, I want to pay the bank a few extra dollars each month so that if I get sick or hurt and can’t work the bank will make my payments for me.

So, what do you think Mr. Scrooge; do we have a deal?”

» Step 2

Mr. Scrooge responds:

“WHAT? NO! No to everything! Do you even understand how banks work? Such foolishness is wasting my time. My bank doesn’t work that way and you won’t find one that will.”

Hmmm! A conventional banker finds these terms ludicrous. However, if you were to apply those questions to a whole life insurance contract from a mutual company, the answers would all be ‘Yes!”.

It’s true, you can purchase a $1,000,000.00 asset that...

- requires only that you qualify medically,

- guarantees a tax free increase in equity each year,

- has a guaranteed level monthly payment,

- allows you to take a loan against its equity at will, at a guaranteed rate and that you can repay on your own terms,

- assures your heirs full value of the asset,

- promises to pay your premium if you are sick or hurt or just can’t make a payment for whatever reason.

Would a “bank” like that be valuable to you?

» Step 3

You can have everything you need and anything you want. Don't use the bank. Be The "Bank". Do what the wealthy have done for's can do it...we can show you how.


Kelly O’Connor
The Banking Guy

Kelly O’Connor, AKA “The Banking Guy”, is one of a few individual’s in the state of Colorado who is considered an expert in helping people not only understand but implement a personal banking system through the tool of insurance. His clients range from 19 year old “kids” to professional athletes. For information on books about this topic, Kelly’s live seminars and webinars, or a face-to-face appointment please email or call 720.226.6840.

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