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Look Beautiful Using Facial Exercise

» Introduction
Looking beautiful if you are on a budget has never been easier. Giving up those expensive, needless trips to the plastic surgeon for temporary injections that plump and paralyze or painful nips 'n tucks that may not deliver the enhanced face you purchased just got easier when you consider that facial exercise is the very green alternative.
» Step 1
Looking beautiful if you are on a budget has never been easier.

Giving up those expensive, needless trips to the plastic surgeon for temporary injections that plump and paralyze or painful nips 'n tucks that may not deliver the enhanced face you purchased just got easier when you consider that facial exercise is the very green alternative.

Best of all, facial exercise is easy, the movements are simple and the results can be spectacular. Imagine how wonderful to see the face you had ten even fifteen years ago looking back at you in the mirror just after a few short weeks of performing muscle strengthening isometric and contraction movements.

Choosing exercise over the "quick fixes" takes courage and determination to look at aging and defy it using natural means.

So many women get it in their head that they have to resemble a celebrity to look sensational. Where is the satisfaction of resembling Scarlett Johansson, Angelina or even Paris Hilton when you spend your hard earned dollars buying iffy results that put your beautiful face and good heath at risk?
» Step 2
These procedures while easy-breezy on TV reality shows are not a cake walk in "real life"; rather, surgery is dangerous and the results may never be what your mind's eye had in mind. Unrealistic expectations have plagued doctors for years.

Body image and dissatisfaction with less than stellar teeth, small breasts, a big nose, out of proportion jaw, sagging features and more have been the very essence of making some of the television reality make-over shows so successful.

Take a poor self image, add a cup of "free" surgeries and a spoonful of injections plus cash and before you know it; this activity may produce a "body anxiety" situation/disorder that may never be corrected especially if the participant is relying on chemically laden injections and more to help them feel better.

Now you probably haven't considered applying for a make-over reality show or even used extreme means in the quest for beauty but if you care deeply about your appearance and you would like to feel confident that your good looks stay that way without resorting to costly, temporary expenditures, facial exercise is for you.
» Step 3
Faces look tired, even old as muscles and skin begin to elongate then pool into other muscles and muscle groups. This downward action affects the forehead, the upper eyes and cheeks, the lower mouth and finally the jaw and neck; when you see softening and misshapen facial features, it is a clear indication that muscle atrophy is having its way with your face. Before long it is possible that you may look in the mirror and see "old" looking back at you.

Maybe you are looking for a new career, reentering the job force or wanting to make strides in your current occupation; updating your look is a vitally important ingredient to create a new you with a beautiful face that looks healthy.

Budget conscious, savvy consumers who want to look younger, more vibrant and confident will enjoy the benefits of knowing that fingers and thumbs in white cotton gloves can indeed give your face the lift you desire.

Choose a facial exercise regimen that requires only minutes a day to complete. Make certain only isometric and resistance movements are offered and steer clear of contortions, scrunches and twists that many falsely believe are facial exercise.
» Step 4
Think about it – repetitive movements that contort your facial features will create wrinkles. If you doubt that, look between your eyebrows for the "eleven" marks or maybe you have horizontal forehead lines from the constant lifting of the eyebrows or crows feet from repeated squinting.

Just as exercise will trim your waistline and firm your giggly thighs, exercise will work for your face. Beginning is easy, just don the gloves, position yourself in front of a mirror and let the magic begin.

In just a few short weeks your friends, family and colleagues will begin to notice the changes you have seen and felt from day one of your new exercise regimen as eye brows lift, foreheads tighten, and cheeks fill out while your skin appears radiant and lifted.

Without drugs, surgery, sutures, injections or spending copious amounts of money you have control of the aging process. You will look years younger and more attractive with each passing week; your confidence level will soar and you will feel better about yourself than you have in years.

Real beauty never looked so good!

Cynthia Rowland is widely recognized as an expert in all natural facial fitness. She has appeared on The View, NBC 4, Fit TV, HGTV and other popular shows. This author, speaker and television personality is leading the crusade to keep men and women looking vibrantly younger through natural techniques without spending their children's inheritance.
Discover how to look younger with Cynthia’s free report Facial Exercise the Evidence Doesn’t Lie

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