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Learn The Key to Living With Certainty in Changing Times

» Introduction
During the last 15 years or so, I’ve spoken to many spirits on the other side who experienced cataclysmic change and upheaval in their lifetimes. All of these communications have commonalities, which when combined, can serve as an antidote to the anxiety which is destroying our peace of mind.
» Step 1
That antidote is HOPE:

HELP from the other side
OPENNESS to receiving messages
PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY – Knowing what you can and cannot do
ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE – Learning how Spirit works

Those we love living on the other side of life are involved with our everyday lives. For many of us, that is the good news. But others, who may have had a troubled relationship with mother, father, sister or brother, this might seem like the bad news! A woman wrote to me asking, “Why would I want my family around me when all they did was hurt me when they were here?” The simple answer is; by helping you with the situations you face in your life (some of which may be due to their actions), they bring healing to you , themselves and the family line.

Recently during a session, a mother in spirit told her daughter that she had helped with the sale of a high end vacation property. The mother mentioned problems that had come up during the negotiations (all which were validated) and said that she had helped move the sale forward. Interestingly enough, this lady in spirit had made lots of money in real estate during her lifetime, but in her will, had refused to give any of the property to her daughter. Spirit’s help not only made a sale possible in a challenging real estate market, but established a different, more loving and supportive mother/daughter relationship, one that continues beyond death.

During an appointment, a woman’s father in spirit said that he wanted her to have his watch (a Mickey Mouse watch, by the way). The woman sat there and told me in no uncertain terms that this was impossible because her mother refused to ever take that watch off. Well, her father told me that he would help convince her mother to hand over the watch. Imagine this lady’s surprise when while visiting her mother at a later date, her sister said out of the blue, “Mom, why don’t you give Dad’s watch to Sally?” Without a word, her mother took off the watch and gave it to her with a smile.

Now how could this happen?

Well, just consider how our behavior here on the earth is influenced by the moods of those around us and advertising for products we didn’t know we needed. We’re receiving thousands of messages in various ways everyday. Well, spirits use the “airwaves” as well to get their points across. Their vibrations are of a high and more subtle kind, but everyone walking the earth is a receiver. Some of us are more practiced receivers than others, but spirits are persistent. The can connect with us through thought, guide us by coincidences and circumstances and influence those around us to bring about a desired result.
» Step 2
Recognizing Spirit’s hand in our lives is directly related to our:

Our loved ones make an effort to re-establish communication and let us know that they’ve survived death. There are dramatic reports - - “He appeared to me right after he died, but before the police came,” as well as more prosaic ones - - “I smelled Old Spice and Camels and just knew it was my father.”

I couldn’t even begin to list the thousands of ways that those we love send greetings from the other side. The “hellos” are often as individual and distinct as the spirits sending them. However, people have concerns when they get a sign from the other side. There are always questions like, “I feel my father around me. Does he want me to do something? “ “I keep seeing a crow sitting on my son’s car. Is he telling me that I shouldn’t sell it?”

Let me assure you that most signs are very simple - - nothing more than to let you know that those you love have “made it” to the other side, they’re fine and they’re around.

However, as spirit communication becomes more accepted, many are becoming aware that those living beyond death are helping to guide us with our life decisions. The more challenging the economy, the more stressful the times we live in, the more those in spirit want to let us know that they’re there to help.

Here’s a perfect example of what can happen when we ask for Spirit’s guidance:

When a man came to me for a sitting, as soon as he sat down, his tall, lanky, extremely nearsighted father in spirit who smoked only Marlboros, came through with a message about the numbers relating to a recent contract. The man’s eyes opened wide and he said, “That’s why I came to see you!” His father went on to say that he had been providing help with an insurance issue because he had been an insurance salesman. The sitter confirmed that this was indeed true. While comparing life insurance policies he asked his Dad for help. Even though he wasn’t sure he was getting a clear answer back, he felt led to choose one company in particular. So he applied and the actual policy arrived in the mail on his father’s birthday. The reason for our session was to see if his father had been helping him or if the timing had just been a coincidence.

I’ve been doing this work long enough to know that there are synchronicities, but no coincidences!

What can you do to be more open to hearing from those you love in spirit?

First of all, don’t concentrate too hard! Spirits find it easiest to get through when we’re not busy setting up our own agendas. Telling your loved one exactly how and when to communicate with you isn’t an effective strategy. Don’t be demanding, be willing.

And secondly, don’t worry about missing a greeting or message. Those in spirit will get their point across - - and sometimes can be down right annoying until you get it. For example, a father and son living together were frustrated because their TV going was turning on night after night - - at 2:30 a.m.! This was the time their wife and mother (now in spirit) went to bed every after watching late, late shows. Of course the father kept trying to come up with other explanations - - well, maybe the neighbor’s remote is malfunctioning. Yeah, right. When the son acknowledged that there were no other reasonable explanations, the annoyance stopped. Was it Mom saying, “Hello?” No doubt!

And finally, keeping a record of what you think may or may not be communications from Spirit can be helpful. Sometimes one or two instances can be explained away. However, a series of instances, their timing and context can help you to identify a pattern of communication which can’t be denied. Do the signs increase around a certain holiday or birthday? Also, noting the types of communications (music? humorous incidents? electronic disturbances?) can help to identify who is saying, “Hi!”
» Step 3
The more I work with those in spirit (and also those in physical bodies), the more I realize that personal responsibility is the key to living in freedom from fear and creating and maintaining balance between the seen and unseen.

My favorite definition of freedom is this: Freedom is the opportunity to be responsible for oneself. Now notice that freedom is the “opportunity to be responsible.” Where I see the most pain and distress around life, dying and death is the result of confusion regarding where responsibility lies.

Spirit is often very clear on issues of personal responsibility and where we should spend (or not spend) our energy, especially when it comes to their own transitions to life after life.

Almost always during a session, spirits talk about who was or wasn’t there at the time of their passing. Spirits seem to want to address this issue because it is an issue for us, not for them. We ask, “Would our presence have made a difference?” It is especially difficult if a family member has been holding vigil, leaves for a minute only to find out that the loved one passed while they were getting a cup of coffee or going to the bathroom!

Those we love make the transition when they need to - - and it is not according to our timeline or expectations. There are some spirits who can hold on until all the family members arrive and others who leave without a “goodbye.” Sometimes the physical body can simply no longer hold together with the faster vibrating spirit. And sometimes those we love simply want to protect us from the moment of change.

A particularly defining moment came during a session between a father and daughter. The father had taken himself over to the other side and the daughter had found his body. She exclaimed, “When he killed himself, he killed me!” The pain and anguish in that statement hit me with physical force. Her father drew close to me and whispered in my ear, “Tell her that she isn’t dead, so she can’t say I killed her.” The words were out of my mouth before I could think. All of a sudden his daughter started to laugh because the statement was so ridiculous. And through her laughter he went on, “Tell her she can’t own my death. I’m very sorry for the ways I hurt her, but I can’t stand here and let her hurt herself any longer because of the way I died.” Well said. We can’t take responsibility for another spirit’s choices in life . . . or in death.

Personal responsibility is addressed in many ways during communications from Spirit. In fact, it seems that the clarity received after passing starts with understanding where we did or did not use the opportunity to be responsible in a life giving and loving way. I could fill a book with communications on this subject (and maybe I will).
» Step 4
There are many misconceptions we have about how the other side works with us, many more than I can address in shortened form. Educate yourself in the ways of spirit and apply those principles to your life here. Think in terms of abundance, not in terms of currency. Keep an attitude of gratitude and there will be more to be grateful for. Be willing to give and receive love, knowing that there is an unending well from which to draw - - the well of eternity.

In these times of uncertainty and in a world of change, those in spirit want us, most of all, to have HOPE.

Note: All stories have been used with permission and/or have been altered to protect the privacy of those involved.

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By: kris
i would like to speak with you. my email is I find you very interesting and have some questions i would like to ask you. thank you, kris
By: S.Kinser
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I like what is shared here.I feel the loved ones from the other side are helping us.I just found out that my dad and others are watching ove my grandson that is having a hard time in his jung life so far. Im so thankful to them.We still need to do our part her on this side. Thanks. S.
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During the last 15 years or so, I’ve spoken to man...
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