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Launching a Successful PR TV Campaign

» Introduction
To launch a successful TV PR campaign, you need to think like a TV producer. Meet their needs and they will meet yours.
» Step 1
A TV-oriented public relations campaign has three primary components, you need to create a compelling visually-oriented story, be able to pitch it effectively and know who to pitch it to. Most people think they know which story or pitch will work for them, but they’re generally wrong. The story about why your product or service is so good usually misses the mark because it’s not a story that meets the media’s needs, or <a href=""target="_blank">connects with your target audience</a>. You need to think like your customer thinks, more importantly, you need to think like a TV producer. You have to think backwards. What does your local TV news program, the Today Show or Oprah need? Study them. Make notes. Now give them a visually-oriented pitch that fills that need. Think in terms of personal stories, anecdotal stories that others can relate to, and talk in a language that the journalist you’re pitching will understand. When pitching a TV show, think visually, what can you offer that has a visual component. What can you come up with that would give them a compelling TV segment?
» Step 2
For example, we represented an acupuncturist who specialized in acupuncture facelifts. TV producers loved this segment idea. It wasn’t a surgical procedure, so it wasn’t going to be too graphic, they could interview the acupuncturist, the patient, show a bit of the procedure in process and then show some after shots. It was visual, different, and had to do with health and beauty and offered them a good hook. We represented a fitness trainer who starred in a how-to fitness video; the pitch there was summer fitness tips. She could bring a client with her and show different at-home, quick, and easy exercises. This proposed segment reached a large target market, was easy to shoot and offered an interesting visual component.
» Step 3
So to launch <a href=“"target="_blank">an effective TV-oriented PR or media relations campaign</a>, keep your message in mind, but think in terms of meeting the media’s needs. Be concise, be clear, keep it interesting and never ever forget that TV is a visual medium.

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