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How "Sticky” Are Your Messages? By Gayl Murphy

» Introduction
“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is… the difference between the lightening bug and the lightening.” - Mark Twain
» Step 1
Too true, especially when it’s you choosing the words that best describe your business. In this over-saturated media world, you live and die by what you say. You gotta tell it to sell it!

If you can’t tell your own story, who can and who will? Why would you want them to? Successfully navigating the media today is more critical than ever. It’s as fundamental as having a product to sell.

CEOs are “message-generators,” therefore their objective is to create messages that move themselves! You’re not media savvy, you say? That’s OK, I celebritize CEOs so they get all the attention they need.

Having interviewed over 14,000 of the biggest celebrities and newsmakers, what sells in the media is: you’re the spokesperson and you have to speak for yourself, whether it’s to millions, or one deal-breaking decision-maker. If you can’t tell it to one person, you can’t tell it to the masses. Also,if you want to be heard above the roar, these media messages have got to stick.

The four quickest ways to get sticky are…

One: Identify your core message.

Two: Lead with it.

Three: What problem does it solve?

Four: Piggyback on what people are already talking about and make it your own.

This “make it your own” part is the foundation of why celebrity CEOs like Michael Jordan, Deepak Chopra and Lee Iacocca are so successful. Because they’re familiar, people think they know them, so they (emotionally) invest quickly, rewarding the message by remembering it! Wooh-Hoo!

Based on my twenty-plus years’ experience, the media is anyone or anything that can take your message and move it forward. It’s everywhere… AND there are two types of them.

The first is the Big Media: TV, radio, magazines, books, movies, DVDs, newspapers, billboards, etc.

The second is the Little Media: email, voicemail, memos, phone calls, seminars, handouts, meetings, texting, networking, business cards, photographs and new stuff they’re inventing even as you’re reading this.

Keep in mind, when providing either type of media with sticky messages, BOTH “give them legs” (Anything that can take your message and move it forward).

So, if you think you haven’t really been using media, think again. You have, either by proxy or not very well. How about we try with intention?

Here are six killer “Interview Tactics!” for celebrit-izing your message…

1. Keep “the media” engaged and the dialogue targeted to continue the Q&A.

2. Prepare in advance and know what you’re going to say – create “talking points,” but don’t write a script, keep it fluid.

3. You will always be asked, Who are you? What are you selling? Why do I need it? (What problem does it solve?) And, where can I get it?

4. Stay on topic and focused. Be specific: details, places, names and dates.

5. Get to your point and remember you’re the media too…reporting YOUR story. 6. Relax and enjoy, being a Media Darling is supposed to be fun. You get to be the star of “The Me Show”

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