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How to Thrive in Trying Times

» Introduction
Many have lost hope and therefore a reason to live in the midst of our global and socio-economic crises. In a direct response to the global challenges that persons from all walks of life are facing, Antiguan born, Dr. Nicole Erna Mae Francis, founder and director of Victorious Living Foundation, based in St. Maarten, is soon to launch her second book, “How to Thrive in Trying Times.”
» Step 1
Have you sometimes felt abandoned by God, and even wondered if there is a God? Do you feel as if He doesn’t care enough about your welfare to let you go through the stress, grief, and pain of life? Do you sometimes feel as if the world is out to get you and everyone hates you and seeks to destroy your life? Then stop, and take a moment to examine your heart, reflect on your trials, and ask, "What lesson can I learn from this test, this pain, this trial? And even more importantly ask, "What areas of my character, is God seeking to develop to prepare me for the awesome future which awaits me?"
» Step 2
Remember, your adversity determines your destiny. And more specifically, and importantly, your endurance and persistence through adversity empower and enable you to inherit your divine destiny. Consequently, the processes of testing, trials and challenges you are facing indicate the level of success and the magnitude of the divine destiny that awaits you.
» Step 3
How can you thrive in the midst of your trying times? Your steadfast faith in God, persistence, and perseverance determine your fulfilling your divine destiny. So be strong and of good courage as you persevere and persistently pursue your dreams and passions in life that God has planted on the inside of you.
» Step 4
As the global financial crisis looms, your adversity may have prepared or is preparing you to be the solution in your community, your region, or the world. Perhaps your trials and pitfalls have positioned you for such a time as this to create financial solutions for your community, region, or the world. What gift is resident within you that may be called upon to solve our financial and global crises?
» Step 5
Consider yourself to be a solution, for remember God has given you the power to create wealth. It has been said that each of us has the capacity to become millionaires through at least two ideas which lay dormant within us. Will you allow your heavenly Father to stir up the gift within you so that the financial strategies and insights that the world currently is seeking will be unlocked through you? Food for thought, but the answers to the world’s crises lie within each one of us; for there is nothing new under the sun. Your community, your region, the world, awaits your solution. Will you rise to the challenge?

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Many have lost hope and therefore a reason to live...
Views: 1966