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Get More Clients Using Energy Medicine

» Introduction
The more clear your energetic field is the more clients you will have. It's that simple! But to really make that happen in today's world is sometimes one of the most challenging things to accomplish. We are bombarded with endless "To do's", appointments, worries, bills, emails and on. Keeping our energy body clear is paramount to being able to keep the clients flowing in the door.
» Step 1
Take a shower before going to bed. This will clear a good chunk of the energy out of your field. Also, add salt to the showers you already take.
» Step 2
Meditate. Sounds easy but if you've not really succeeded at meditation you will always be averse to it. So I recommend finding a window to look out of and focus on a tree, leaf or the sky for 1 minute. Then close your eyes and allow your brain to have a moments rest. If you can handle more than a moment then great. For more info on Meditation, visite my website:
» Step 3
Cut your cords to others. Remember the good ones stay and the not so good ones get to leave.
» Step 4
Say a prayer of gratitude for what you already do have. Remember to include the clients you already have.
» Step 5
Declare that you have enough time for new clients and that you are open and willing to have new clients into your practice.
» Step 6
A juice fast will help clear the energy body while it is cleansing the internal body.
» Step 7
Clap your hands to together for 2 minutes around your body and around your calendar and also around your business.

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The more clear your energetic field is the more cl...
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