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the Power of Intention
Joe Vitale talks about the power of stating intentions throughout the day.

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Comments & Reviews
By: Oliver
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Great Advice!!!
If everyone did this before they started their day just imagine how powerful could we all be! Thanks Joe! P.S. I love THE SECRET!!!!
By: Living Above the Influence
Dr. Joe Vitale
What a wonderful clear communicating voice. Great presence, and I want to hear more from Dr. Vitale. Ms. Smith
By: Kay Elizabeth
Thank you Joe!
Your enthusiasm is infectious! :) I try remember to do this often and when I do, I can see the differences. For any doubters out there, I can tell you it works, plain and simple! Give it a go, you have nothing to lose. :)
By: Hehadahat
Action before feeling
Verbalizing our intention supports our efforts. Perhaps related "Inner Tennis" idea, saying bounce, hit, (and I've added STEP) when we do those to stay in the moment without dis stress. When we don't want to do what we "should do" for me: An idea is: We don't have motivation we do motivation. (What we're really doing is creating motivation by setting tasks that are as small as they need to be.) Example, I love being in bad, but want to get up..... I'll move a leg or arm toward getting up sometime in the next 2 minutes. :-)
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