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Something for Nothing has a Price

» Introduction
Everything has a price! Success, goals and every decision we make has a price. They question remains, "are you willing to pay the price?" If not, somebody will!
» Step 1
Something for Nothing has a Price!

Expecting something for nothing is the most popular form of hope.
Arnold H. Glasow

Everywhere you look there are advertisements claiming to offer something for nothing! People will stand in line for hours to receive a gift only to leave the store spending more than planned—probably on items they didn’t need. Not only did the free item cost them more in the end but the hours spent in line can never be recovered. How much is an hour of your time worth? Even governments have tried to make something for nothing successful but we have quickly realized that it doesn’t work. Somebody always has to pay the price.
Credit card companies understand the attraction of offering something for nothing. The new hot marketing campaign for credit card companies is “save 5 cents per gallon by using our card.” Do you really think for one moment that a credit card company wants to save you money? The reality is they know you will buy more gas using their credit card than using cash and they anticipate that you probably won’t pay off the bill each month earning them an astounding 18-24% interest on your purchases.
Museums offer “free” days, but those free days come at a price. During the something for nothing days at museums they are overcrowded and nearly impossible to see the exhibits. You quickly realize that something for nothing has a price. They may even have vendors waiting to take your money and so many people are willing to spend it because after all—they got in for free! Politicians understand the attraction of something for nothing and will use it as a way to gain votes but they will rarely share the history of the high price of handouts.
Let’s take a look at the high price of freedom! Our great nation was birthed from the very idea of being free, but with that came a price. In this case the price was extremely high. Here is a list of the estimated number of dead and wounded during several major wars:

1. Revolutionary War: 50,000
2. Civil War: 646,392
3. World War I: 320,518
4. World War II: 1,076,245
5. Vietnam: 211,254

These numbers are staggering but it doesn’t include the number of civilians that were killed in the pursuit of becoming free: these numbers would be in the hundreds of millions. Next time someone tries to lure you in to the notion that something “something for nothing” is free, pause for one moment and ask yourself who will pay the price. It might be your children or an entire nation. Whether you are applying for a credit card, enlisting in the Army, or standing in line to receive a “gift” the price of free can be extremely high.
The old cliché “there is no free lunch still rings true today. The only free lunch I have ever seen is on a mouse trap and the mouse that falls prey to that free lunch wishes he could reconsider. If you want to be successful in life you must be willing to pay the price. Before you go on a diet to lose weight you must realize there are no quick fixes. It will take hard work and dedication. If you want to get out of debt you will have to pay the price. You might have to get two jobs and you might not enjoy those jobs.
If you want to save yourself some time before you set a goal, ask yourself what the price will be and if you are willing to pay the price move forward; if not, you’re only deceiving yourself. The great news is if you’re willing to pay the price to achieve the goals you desire, there will be much reward. American soldiers paid the price of freedom and now we live in the greatest nation in the world and they continue to come to the aid of other countries when nobody else is willing to pay that price. Something for nothing has a price!

“You don’t get something for nothing
You can’t have freedom for free
You won’t get wise
With the sleep still in your eyes
No matter what your dreams might be”

Neil Peart
Canadian drummer for the band Rush B. 1952

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