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Want Dating Advice for Singles? We Have it.

» Introduction
Dating Coach gives advice for singles on meeting and dating in this busy world.
» Step 1
Each of us is unique; we all come from different
backgrounds with different childhood experiences, parents and
friends. Because you offer your own special values women will
want you. When you are "clicking" with a woman, she won’t even
look at other guys.
Women are in the same boat, even more so than guys. They
are afraid that prettier women will steal you away because you
are a great catch. If you believe that you are a great catch and
convey it, women will respond as if you are the best man on
earth. Remember, women are all about how things make them
feel. Our thoughts lead to action. Often we don’t think about
certain actions that we take; we’re just on autopilot. What
triggers certain reactions or emotions for you will be totally
different for someone else. Each of us is driven by his or her own
personal emotions, fears, thoughts and mind-sets.
» Step 2
We see events through the lens of our own perception. Our
perception is affected by our values. If you saw a man running
out of a store, you might think “This guy must’ve robbed the
store.” Whereas a woman next to you might think “Maybe he’s
late for a meeting.” Or a 16-year-old boy might think, “Where’s
the fire? That old man needs to slow down.” Each person
perceived the same event differently. When it comes to
approaching women most guys allow their perceptions to get in
the way. Guys will come up with many reasons not to approach a
woman such as “She’s too pretty not to have a boyfriend” or
“She’s probably busy” or “She won’t like me” But you will not
truly know what she is thinking until you make the effort to find
Maybe she hasn’t had a date for a month and would jump
on the opportunity to meet a man who has enough courage to start a conversation with her. Or, worst-case scenario, she does
have a boyfriend, but at least you won’t have regrets and won’t
be kicking yourself for not approaching her. It is always good
practice for the next woman who is available. Remember, there
are 40% of women who are single. It is simple: If you approach 0
women, you will meet 0 women.
» Step 3

You may be overthinking why things won’t work, instead of
why they will work. Just have fun. If you can consciously pay
attention to your thoughts during the moment of overthinking,
then you can begin to introduce different actions. We usually
don’t notice our thoughts. We’re always too busy with our
surface actions to the take time and look deeper. The first step to
becoming aware of your thinking is to start paying attention to
your thoughts as you think them. So, instead of, Thought leading
to Action, you’ll have Thought leading to Thinking leading to
Action This will allow you to introduce new behaviors. When you
are sitting in a coffee shop and there is a pretty woman next to
you, don’t overthink why approaching her won’t work. Instead,
catch your thoughts and direct them toward a new possibility.
You could say to yourself, “Let’s see if this will work out” or
“Let’s see if she’s a fun person" or “She will like me.” These are
some of the thoughts that you can start introducing into your
thought process. It’ll take some time to get the hang of it. But
once you see it as a fun and enjoyable exercise, great things will
begin to happen. Our thoughts are embedded in us from a very
early age. Now as you are able to become more aware of your
thoughts, you can put small changes into your life, and as these
changes branch out in different directions, they can lead to
completely new and exciting experiences that you may have
never imagined.

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