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Learn that Aging Does Not Have to Include Slowing Down

» Introduction
Want to get fit but worried you are too old? Think again.
» Step 1
The American population is aging. Improved nutrition and medical advances mean that the average man will live to 75 and the average woman to 80. By 2020 there will be 50 million Americans over the age of 65, and by 2025 the number of American seniors will outnumber teenagers by more than two to one (World Health Network).

As life expectancies increase, physical fitness has never been so important. Researchers have identified exercise as a key factor in maintaining a high quality of life during the aging process.

While they might be getting older, the baby boomer generation is not slowing down. Active retirees are seeking out a variety of physical activities, spanning everything from ballroom dance classes to canoeing trips.

» Step 2
Some even compete at the highest levels. Forget cheering on children and grandchildren. Feeling younger than ever, seniors are participating in road races and extreme sporting competitions in increasing numbers. Many athletic contests, including marathons and triathlons, now include categories for individuals over 80 years old.

The majority of aging Americans approach fitness with moderation, however. Walking continues to be the top form of exercise among seniors.

A study conducted by the Institute on Aging at the University of Arkansas concluded that seniors who build lean tissue through exercise can control their metabolic rate and thus improve their physique as they age. The Institute has also found that physical fitness among seniors has many psychological and emotional benefits.

» Step 3
Reengaging in a fitness routine after a long stretch of inactivity can be daunting. However, there is a new, all-natural product that can help active adults reach their exercise goals. Airaide, a botanical supplement, can be added to most any health and maintenance regimen in order to safely and effectively increase oneís breathing capacity to better optimize oxygen intake and exchange.

Airaide can help anyone who is seeking to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. The supplement facilitates easy breathing during any type of aerobic activity, whether the user is taking a grandchild out for a walk around the neighborhood or is pushing to set a new personal best during the Iron Man in Hawaii.

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