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Heal Your Heart in Just 21 Days Part 2

» Introduction
Day 11: The Halfway Hump Slump Now that you’re halfway through your detox, you may be feeling a little disoriented. Today’s the day to identify any remaining toxins in your system, as well as make a plan for purging the leftover demons.
» Step 1
Day 12: Dump your slump
Channel your inner super heroine and dump that post-breakup slump! Say sayonara to the past and yes to your fab future, sans What’s his name. Whether you know it or not, your reinvention is under way!
» Step 2
Day 13: Take a flying leap
Remember that fabulously fun and fierce girl your ex fell in love with? Now's the time to reconnect with her. Look in the mirror and just say hi. Ask her how she's doing. Find out what she feels like doing today and then no matter how self-indulgent it is, do it. It’s time to take that flying leap into your future!
» Step 3
Day 14: Plan a girl getaway
The absolute best thing about going through a breakup is the opportunity to reconnect with old friends. After all, boyfriends come and go but girlfriends are forever. And now's the time to celebrate your girlfriends with a Girl Getaway or Ladies Night out -- you decide. Wherever you end up going, give yourself permission to be a little risqué. Wear something revealing. Flirt with a total stranger. Tip your waiter 25% AND slip him your phone number. Behaving inappropriately for a night can be so liberating!
» Step 4
Day 15: Get a post-breakup makeover
Right about now you just might feel like you're hitting your saucy post-breakup stride. If so, fabulous! If not, don't despair. Today's the day to celebrate your resilience by getting a much-needed movin’ on makeover. Get glam with a new cut, color, & highlights. Stop by your fave boutique and shop til you drop. Make an appointment at the makeup counter and get a new look.
» Step 5
Day 16: Reinvent yourself
Whether you know it or not, a brand-new you is emerging. It’s up to you to make room for her transformation. Today’s the day to let down your hair, shake your inner goddess loose, and let the REAL reinvention begin!
» Step 6
Day 17: Shake up your routine
Even though your ex is long gone, memories of him may still linger. Now’s the time to shake up your routine in hopes of shaking those memories loose. Take a different route to and from work today. Shop at a different grocery store for a day. Get your latte at a new coffee place. It's time to shake things up as you ease into movin’ on mode!

» Step 7
Day 18: Start a healthy new habit
Since the split, you've been getting healthier by the day. Today is no exception. In fact, you're gonna rock it even harder today by starting a healthy new habit. Whether it's eating more vegetables, getting back to the gym, quitting smoking, or practicing positive affirmations, today's the day to introduce a healthy new habit to your daily routine.
» Step 8
Day 19: Enroll in Single U
While it may be too soon to start searching for your next great love, it's never too soon to embrace successful singledom. Sign up for a singles event. Enlist a friend to take some cute pics of you and then create your online dating profile. Flirt with a cute stranger today. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself that you’re still lovable and desirable.
» Step 9
Day 20: An ex marks the plot
Now that you've got a little breakup perspective, are you able to see how life after Mr. Ex is going to be so much sweeter? You have a better idea of what you're looking for in a future partner, you now know what you won't put up with, and you’ve probably even thought about new directions you'd like to pursue now that you're on your own again.
» Step 10
Day 21: Celebrate your success
After 21 days, do you feel lighter, stronger, healthier? Now is the time to celebrate by throwing yourself a fabulous movin’ on party. Invite your Boo-hoo Crew-turned-Woo-hoo Crew and party like it’s 2009!

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