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The Benefits of Breaking Up

» Introduction
You know the story about the single girl who never dated, never had a relationship until one day she met the man of her dreams, got married, had children, and lived happily ever after? Neither do I. The truth is, dating is a numbers game and you've gotta be in it to win it. Which means that along the way, you're going to experience a breakup or two.
» Step 1
Benefit #1: Practice Makes Perfect
Once upon a time, breakups were considered a taboo topic. But in 2007, they're like badges of honor that every savvy single must endure. After all, how are you going to know what you really want in life and love without experiencing a little bit of what you DON'T want? After each breakup, you get the opportunity to evaluate your last relationship for its good and bad qualities and decide how that's going to shape the type of partner you pursue moving forward. Without the breakup, you'd never get these opportunities.
» Step 2
Benefit #2: The Value Of “Me” Time
Another benefit of breaking up? The opportunity to put the focus of your life back on you - your wants, your needs, your desires. While relationships can be amazing and love can feed your soul, there's also something incredibly freeing and fabulous about being on your own. By really knowing who you are as an individual, you have the opportunity to create and live an authentic life. In doing so, you're that much more likely to attract your perfect partner. And along the way, you're free to celebrate your fabulous self!
» Step 3
Benefit #3: Celebrating Friendship
Over the course of your single and fabulous life, romantic relationships will come and go. But friendships? They stand the test of time. And there's no better time to celebrate your friendships than between breakups. It's your friends who help you heal. Your friends who remind you why your ex wasn't good for you, and why they're definitely not worth pining over now. While you should never let friendships slide when you're in a relationship, after a breakup is the perfect time to reconnect, renew, and rejoice in your friends.
» Step 4
Benefit #4: Discovering Your Own Resilience
Oftentimes, in the throes of a bad breakup, you question your ability to survive. Occasionally, you even mistakenly think that your innate fabulousness is somehow tied to our ex and without them, you are nothing. The beauty of going through a breakup or two (or ten) is in discovering your ability to not only survive but thrive on your own two feet. In awakening to your own resilience, you discover how fabulous you really are. And that's worth a little heartache, don't you think?

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