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Moving Forward

» Introduction
To move forward you must dream big, be flexible, and always resilient.
» Step 1
Dream big. Challenge yourself to do something that is bigger than you. Focus on the end reuslt and work toward it. Create a series of action steps that you will need to complete in order to achieve your dream. Be sure to set performance goals for each of the action steps. For example, you decide that you want to open your own business, you will set performance goals that identify specific tasks associated with each of your action steps. Performance goals will help you stay on course and moving toward your dream. Whatever you want to achieve in your career or in life, you will make it happen by setting progressively higher goals that position you to achieve it.
» Step 2
Be flexible. Moving forward means change. As you move from one level to the next you have to be prepared for the changes that come with each new level. Doing the same thing, with the same intensity, every time, will not prepare you for change. If you aspire to become the CEO of a company you cannot continue to perform like an entry level employee! As you move forward you will discover that each level signals the end of one performance standard and the beginning of a new, higher performance standard; be ready to embrace it. By being flexible you will be better able to handle changes as they arise and make a smooth transition from one level to the next.
» Step 3
Always resilient. Failure happens. However failure is not the issue; your response to failure is what makes the difference. Being able to bounce back after a failed attempt can determine your ability to move forward. The best way to respond to a failed attempt is to learn from it. Determine what you need to keep, what you need to discard, and what direction you need to move in to go forward. No matter how many times you experience failure, always be ready to get back up and keep moving forward.

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