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Check Yourself for Outstanding Customer Service

» Introduction
The following are three ways to “check yourself” to give outstanding customer service.
» Step 1
Check your Customer Service Attitude - Make your attitude say, “I can help you today.” This means that you want to help, you want to take responsibility for the solution, and you are proactive in creating solutions for the customer. Make sure your attitude is positive for outstanding results. Keep a mirror by your desk and look into the mirror before you start a customer transaction and say the following:

* “I will help someone today.”
* “I have a great attitude.”
* “I am solution-oriented.”
* “I will make a difference today.
» Step 2
Check your Customer Service Body Language - Make your body language show that you are eager to listen to the customer. This means standing or sitting erectly if communicating face-to-face. Sitting erect in your seat is especially important when communicating over the telephone because the customer can “hear” your apathy over the phone. Check yourself to make sure you are smiling. Check yourself to make sure your body language is showing that you want to listen. This means direct eye contact, arms uncrossed, a slight nod of acknowledgment, and, most importantly, your body facing the customer to show that you are completely “engaged” in the conversation.
» Step 3
Check your Customer Service Voice - Make sure your voice is energized and positive. This means that you do not sound monotone and your voice has vocal variety (see my article “Cat in the Hat”). Check your voice to make sure your have a lively pace without cutting off the customers before they finish their thoughts.

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