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ARE YOU STRESSED??? Learn how to release it now!

» Introduction
NEVER BELIEVE ANYONE...ESPECIALLY YOURSELF!!! Stress is the biggest killer of all. Anger, resentment doubts and fears, caused every war on our planet and sabotages dreams, hopes and aspirations. Read six reasons letting go of the negative chatter in your mind is so tenacious, elusive, and difficult. THOUGHTS cause stress. Get rid of stress without pills, distractions or addictive behaviors. Eight steps how to let go of thoughts that cause stress.
» Step 1
Welcome Stress. It is an alarm clock alerting you to identify your thoughts & beliefs that CAUSE stress.
» Step 2
Sit in a quite area with a pencil and paper.
» Step 3
Experienc and focus on any stressful feeling. Wait patiently for the thoughts that cause them to appear. Ask yourself, why am I having this feeling? What past incident or that I concoct about my future is causing stress?
» Step 4
Write down tyour thoughts and beliefs. They are the underlying CAUSE of your stress.
» Step 5
Investigate each thought by questioning it's validity in court. Inquire into your mind. Allow your heart to be the judge and your mind the prosecutor. Inquiry is best with a friend, in a group and with an experienced facilitator.
» Step 6
Prove to yourself that your thoughts and your core beliefs that support them are not 100% true, even silly and ridiculous. Laugh at yourself for ever believing them and compulsively reacting to them and your thoughts will lose all power over you. The stressful feeling they cause will leave you and never come back.
» Step 7
EGO cannot handle ridicule. Ego will stop defending your false thoughts and core beliefs that support them. If you experience stress, the thoughts and core beliefs that support and cause stress cannot be 100% true.

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