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Business Success (Law of Attraction)

» Introduction
The desire to own and manage businesses has been alive in mankind from time immemorial. Owning a business means income that could increase without the ceiling placed on it by employers.
» Step 1
The desire to own and manage businesses has been alive in mankind from time immemorial. Owning a business means income that could increase without the ceiling placed on it by employers.

Other than the dream of unlimited income, the economy ups and downs pushed some people into realizing the need of having income independent of employers who hold the control buttons of their financial life and could at the blink of an eye take away the main and sometimes the only source of income.

The recent downward spirals of the economy had many lose jobs that they depended on for meeting basic necessities. Losing your job is not pretty and gives rise to all sorts of insecurities and issues that come from seeing your pay check disappear. Settlement amounts received last only so long, and seeing your savings reduce in front of your eyes can be nerve racking to say the least.

Some brave ones then turn their attention towards setting up businesses and hope that given sufficient time and effort, their businesses would grow to the stage where they are independent of the income derived from regular jobs.

What does the Law of Attraction have to do with this and how can you use its teachings to understand how to attract what you want from your business?

The loss of job and the steady income received from it can be seen as the contrast that gives rise to new desires of being financially independent. It could be that in the past you really wanted to earn more money and have sources of income that would grow without limits. It could also be that you were bored with your job, and wanted to experience the feelings of doing something that you really like to do. Maybe you just wanted to leave your job and manifested your job leaving you.

Ofcourse you may shake your head and say that you were not consciously asking to lose your job and income, but whether you did or did not consciously ask, desires do arise from experiencing something that you did not like, snowballing into the situation where whatever is not wanted is let go of.

The contrast- The contrasting situation of the job loss gives rise to thoughts about new and happy sources of income from being engaged in doing what you love to do. Here are some questions that you can deliberate on now.

1. What will you like to do? What is it that makes your heart sing?

2. Can you see yourself selling and people buying? Can you feel it, touch it and breathe it in?

3. What benefits do you think that people will get as a result of what you want to do?

4. Are you convinced that they will get benefits? The stronger your conviction, the better energy you will carry.

5. Can you see people asking for your services, products? Does the thought make you feel good?

6. Are you close to going wow when you think of doing what you love to do?

7. Do you feel good when you think of the money flowing in? Breathe it in.

The above helps in generating feelings that make you get aligned with already having what you want. If there are obstacles coming up in your mind in the form of resistances, then do clear them out so that you get more and more positive, happy feelings going for you.

Success lies in your hand and does not depend on a past or future employer. There is absolutely no reason that your business cannot take off, and as you get situated happily in the place of being the master mind who can see his business through to success, your business will succeed.

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