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Like Attracts Like!

» Introduction
Like attracts like! What does this really mean in life? Where can you see it in operation?
» Step 1
Like attracts like!

What does this really mean in life? Where can you see it in operation?

In real life you can see 'like attracting like' in your own home. Have you ever allowed something to start getting dirty? Like attracts like here too. Watch it get dirtier and dirtier. Dirt just piles on, and soon you will have people throwing stuff all around.

As you watch you will find things either get worse or better depending on what you have put into motion.

In terms of technical Law of Attraction (LOA), 'Like attracts Like' means that the thought vibrations you hold tell a story and this story is played out for you by the Universe.

For example, if you think that you don't get what you want, then your vibrations tell that story and the Universe plays it out for you.

If you think that you wake up feeling unhealthy every day, then that is what your story says and the Universe plays it out for you.

For the Universe to play out another story, your vibrations need to tell a different story so that when like is attracted back, you actually like it.

The process of changing your story is a good experience. Things start changing almost immediately. Your story changes and your life changes.

Women who feel that they are ignored and not given attention to, start to tell a story of how good looking men get attracted to them. Women who lost jobs tell a story of how they found their dream jobs, and the right men also.

Things start to change around you.

It happens like magic except that we know the keys to this magic now. The Law of Attraction is here opening the door to a wonderful world. I see this happening all the time. It's almost like this land of gold, on which the door was closed. Suddenly it opens up. This gold could mean material wealth, and/or anything else that it indicates for you; family, love, relationships, success, happiness and joy!

If you are going through a contrasting situation, just know that it is going to change, and great energy is just waiting to blow in. What you have to do is to allow it in.

For example, if you have lost a job and feel the pinch, open the door to good coming in. That job is waiting, knocking on the door asking that it come in. You should start the process of getting aligned with that job now so that it can flow through easily. Take a look at your choices, intentions, what you enjoy, and what makes you feel really happy.

And start the process of getting aligned with whatever you want! And yes, please do drop the guilt of liking material stuff. Do you know how many people carry that guilt around with them like a ton of iron bricks? Guilt has never served anyone, and never will.

Love is what you are here for. It is okay to feel happy in life, enjoying the things that you love. It could be God, country, family, money, health, beauty, etc. The only thing is that even while you are seeking these things in your life, or rather becoming a magnet to attract them to your life, be happy. Don't postpone your happiness for another moment.

Just know or be assured that-

1. All you have to do is be happy,
2. Meanwhile become the magnet that attracts what you want to you. Get aligned.

Just don't confuse 'not being aligned in the current moment' with 'not being happy'. They are separate and distinct from each other. You can be happy, and just do whatever it needs to get aligned to what you want.

For example. Let's say that you want a certain car. Now while your dream car is not yet with you (you are not aligned to having it) you cannot suspend your happiness till you get that car. Be happy now and work on getting aligned with your dream car. That's how you do it.

Your happiness matters to the Universe because while you are happy, the Universe is happy. Everyone is happy.

Love to you!

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