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How to make more $$ while working as a server in a restaurant today!

» Introduction
After working in restaurants for many years and being involved in all aspects of customer service. I've learned the in & outs of how to greet guest, suggest items, upsell, provide good service, and turn the table to make more $$$ during the process.
» Step 1
Its always proper to greet your guests in a friendly manner, and if theres a wait to get there name so they can be found when there seats ready. Guide them to there seat and give them a clean menu and a table thats clean and set up with the right amount of place settings. As the server, before the water hits the table try to get a drink order, suggesting soda's, cocktails or beer or wine if they are old enough to drink alcohol. Thats a good time to suggest popular items on the menu that are tasty, quick to prepare and arent too expensive. Also point out whats not available that day, and answer any questions about the menu.
» Step 2
After returning with the drinks, nows a good time to try to get the full order. Try to get the appetizer and the entree order together, this way you can time it correctly and if they get the app. they may fill up and not order and entree which hurts the check average. You always want the check as large as possible so when it comes time to be tipped they will leave more when the check is larger. When the order is taken start with ladies first and see what they would like, always be a listener at this time and pay attention to any special requests. Folks always want there order right the first time and addtional condiments or plates should be brought asap. If they order something un popular or over order you may want to let them know, since you may know better than them since you work there. Over ordering will slow down the table turn and they may sit there until they eat everything or want lots of wrapping done later. Ask everyone about side dishes ex: fries, knishes, veggies, to compliment there order. Suggest popular items and stress that its "homemade". Ask if they want items added to there order like lett, tomatto, onion's etc..Collect the menus and start with soups and get the order into the computer and things that are cooked well done started early since they may take a while to cook.
» Step 3
Now that the food is ready to deliver to the table and you brought the right condiments and plates and silverware. You should try to have all the food ready at the same time so no ones feels that they are waiting and all can begin eating at the same time. If theres a special request and its done properly remind the guest that its done ex: lean meat, medium rare,etc.. Ask if they need a another beverage and get that right away. Let 2 or 3 minutes pass after there food arrives and stop by ask if everythings ok? If yes you are ok but always be around in case they need something ex: napkins, beverage refill, special request. As they finish using the plates and glasses its good to clear them but always ask "May I"? and them take away but try not to rush people and let them enjoy there meal. Once they are finished and you take away the plates, ask if theyve saved room for dessert or coffee? If yes, make some suggestions for popular desserts and bring coffee right away. Always make sure you remember cream & sugar first so when the coffee arrives they can drink right away. As they finish dessert or dont require any have the check ready to be placed on the table. Maybe, right thank you! on the check and say "I will take that when you are ready to pay". Wait a few moments and then take the cash and say I will return with your change or run the credit card and return with a working, clean pen so they can sign. Make sure the check is signed and/or the correct money is there to pay there bill. This a good time to thank them for coming in to the restaurant and to have a great day. If they dont get up right away, its good to keep clearing the table so there isnt much there. If they stay longer than that you may ask if you can "bring them anything else?". Once they do get up thank them again. Start busing as much as possible so the busser can help get the table ready asap so another party can be sat so you can start over and make some more sales!

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After working in restaurants for many years and be...
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