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Now Playing: How to Cook Rice in a Rice Cooker
Cooking and Nutrition
How to Cook Rice in a Rice Cooker
How to make perfect rice, everytime!

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By: WiseGuy Productions
cookin rice
Linda, Im not Asian but I have to say, I wouldn't leave home without my rice cooker! Just like the American Express Card! Before rice cooker, I used to burn the rice every time! Usually I would start making it, then get tied up on the phone and forget about it! or I would put too much water and make it soggy! But it was an Asian friend of mine that told me, "Phil, you need a rice cooker man!" Since then, my life is perfect! Mine is not as fancy as yours though, yours looks like it is pressurized? mine just has a glass top but it does shut off when the water boils out. then it stays on warm. Its perfect for guys like me that forget the stove etc. Im only cooking brown rice. its supposed to be better for you - but I do put a spoon of butter in it as well and some herbamare (sea salt) instead of salt, and a bit of oil so it doesn't over boil. after its all ready, I put some other spices in it too. In fact I think I cooked pasta in it too! I dont know, I cant remember really but I know you can just put stuff in it and leave it. Put some sweet & Sour Tofu on the side! with pineapples on the rice, Man! You're away! If anyone is out there reading this, and you DON'T have a rice cooker, please go get one right now! It will be totally life changing for you - I guarantee! If you are married, it will save your marriage! If you are not married, you will get a girlfriend or boyfriend - just depending... or if you don't want a girlfriend or boyfriend, that's ok too cause you will have this rice cooker and everything will be just great! best, Phil
By: Linda Yo
Totally agree!
Totally agree with you, Phil, it makes life easier! And yes, you can also cook pasta or noodles with it or use it to reheat your food. Stay healhty, Linda Yo Success Guaranteed Weight Loss Coach, author of Asian Slim Secrets
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How to make perfect rice, everytime!
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