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» Introduction
Whereas seasonal allergies are generally viewed as a spring issue, fall allergies, affect more than 35 million Americans and many people control them with medications filled with stimulants. This season, sufferers can take control of your allergies with the natural approach using AirAide, a popular herbal supplement designed to help naturally enhance breathing capacity without the use of stimulants.
» Step 1
Fall allergies differ from other seasonal allergies and as a result, millions of people suffer from breathing problems, sometimes more in the fall than any other season. Plants typically pollinate in three seasons: in the spring, trees pollinate, in the summer months, grasses pollinate and finally, in late summer and into fall, weeds pollinate. One of the main contributors to fall allergies is the ragweed plant that has lightweight pollen grains that can travel up to 400 miles in the wind. Other common fall allergies include the goldenrod, curly dock, lambís quarters, pigweed, sheep sorrel, and sagebrush that are also lightweight and easily inhaled into the lungs.

A Natural Approach: Although most people can control their allergy symptoms, prescription inhalers and allergy medications come with their own laundry list of side effects, ranging from moderate to severe. However, hope has come in the form of AirAide, an herbal supplement that enhances breathing. AirAide works by temporarily increasing lung capacity to function at normal individual optimum levels with zero side effects. It also helps counteract the effects of many bronchial distress agents such as smog, allergens, and other environmental irritants that athletes contend with in the great outdoors. In a clinical trial, asthmatics who took AirAide showed a 30 percent increase in their expiratory rates.

The AirAide formulation has been used by holistic and homeopathic professionals for years and has shown no adverse or toxic effects at any amount. The formula contains a blend of 23 herbs designed to flush out toxins and build-up in the lungs, soothe bronchial irritations, and physically increase lung capacity to promote better breathing. As AirAide contains no steroids, caffeine, or other stimulants; it has shown no adverse side effects.

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