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» Introduction
» Step 1
FORECLOSURES OF REAL ESTATE, unfortunately, are at an all-time high. You can, as an interested real estate BWB (Beginning Wealth Builder) turn foreclosures into a strong income for yourself. How?
• Teach people nearing foreclosure how to avoid this kind of trauma and get paid for doing so . You really don’t need a teaching certificate. What you do need is knowledge about Budgeting of a family’s expenses so people have enough left at the end of the month to make their mortgage payment. You can call this: “Pre-foreclosure training.”
• Help people whose homes have been foreclosed how to recover their home, or buy another one. Again, you share your knowledge of the foreclosure process and Budgeting to help people recover from the shock of foreclosure. You can call this: “Post-foreclosure training.”
» Step 2
“SO WHO,” YOU ASK “WILL PAY ME for doing this kind of work? And what amount might I expect to be paid?” Here are your answers.
You can be paid in one, or more, ways:
• Grants from groups interested in preventing foreclosures anywhere in the country. Such groups are either local—in your community, or national—serving the entire country. Local groups can be easier for you to work with because you, and group members, “talk the same language.” By that we mean you understand local conditions and people better. National groups usually have larger amounts of money to distribute but getting the money can take longer because there are a larger number of applicants.
» Step 3
• To find a local group, check your state housing authority listed in your phone book in the Government pages. For a national group, call Ty Hicks when you renew your IWS subscription and he’ll give you the name and phone number. You can contact the group about your plans to help people about to go into, or in foreclosure.
• Loans, or other financing, from your local city, or state, housing agency may also be available. Much depends on the foreclosure rate in your area and its impact on the people and their neighborhoods. By getting the needed money you can help reduce foreclosures while doing good for everyone.

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