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Tax Lien Investing Tips
How to buy properties using strategies your bank doesn't want you to know.

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By: Dan Shaw
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Tax Lien Certificates.
This information is WRONG!! Only 30 currently sell tax liens and California IS NOT one of them! I have been to 3 tax lien sales in Arizona and Florida. They are OVERCROWDED with people trying to get rich! Some fools are even buying TLCs for 0% interest! This is a scam to buy Gonsalves' info your money and find something that REALLY works.
By: Mark Gonsalves
Respectful Rebuttal
I have attended 200 tax sale auctions in over 13 years and beg to set the record straight. There are 26 states that offer liens and 24 that sell deeds. I apologize for being rushed on my video.My web site doesn't sell any program book or tape so in the future before you make a comment do you research and stay away from the larger counties that are less desirable to purchase liens.
By: Anthony Cipriani
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Tax Liens
I have invested and used Gonsalves as a consultant and he is literally made me $189,000 profit in the last 2 years so i would recommend his techniques and as far as i know he doesnt sell a course but i wish he did!
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