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Real Estate
How to Make Money Rehabbing
how to wisely invest in the rehabbing market with little money down

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By: StartUsuck
Start Rehab Is a Scam!!
I bought a property from Start Rehab and got screwed at the Closing. Got charged with ridiculous amounts of closing costs, that was after I had to wait for 8 months to close, because the Title was bad. Then I had to wait 3 more months before I accually saw any profits. They held my money and collected interest on it during that time. Start Rehab, You made my life a living hell. Thanks alot
By: StartUsuck
By: StartUsuck
By: Rich Aldana
StartUsuck...Resolve the matter !!
Hi.... This Rich Aldana. I couldn't help but sympathize with your comment. Im not sure what the problem was...But every buyer we have, understands the Points or Program we have in detail. I personnally detail it, and explain up front that if you do not understand what your doing ....Please ask questions ...because its my job to make sure you succeed !! Many people are new to Rehabbing ...and are not sure how to do it. There is a difference between Remodeling and Rehabbing....Im curious what it is you did !??..As far as Title problems...All of our titles are free and clear of any and all liens. We want to make sure you succeed because I have selfish reasons in that I want to sell you multiple Proerties not just one !! Why would I let you fail and risk losing you as a loyal customer !?? I believe the problem was with your lender in that you weren't able to close in a timely manner. We dont sit on funds for one reason....If you dont close ...we dont get paid !!...Its as simple as that. I did notice you stated you made a profit ...which is why you did this in the first place ....Correct !?? So lets see if we can remedy this instead of name calling and bad feelings. Im willing to find you another property and work with you hand in hand so you make a maximum amount of money !! If you care to speak to me directly...I would gladly take the time to talk and try to resolve this matter. Thank You ver much for your comment and I hope we can speak soon !!
By: Rich Aldana
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