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Now Playing: Tarot: How to Start a Reading
Tarot: How to Start a Reading
Quick and easy ways to start a tarot reading.

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By: L. Barling
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Tarot: How to start a reading
Lorrie, You look wonderful!!! You look like you are taking a breath and centering yourself. Great job!! Happy to see you , if only on a video. Hope you win too!! Thank you! Linda Barling
By: RuneDragon
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I hope to see more from you. Hope you win! Rune.
By: patsy ramirez
Tarot Reading
Hi Lorrie!! Luv your video .. can't wait for more to be posted..You are such a talented & amazing lady. Would love to attend one of your workshops!! Many Blessings. Patsy
By: Nancy Fursetzer
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Lorrie's Amazing!
I love this simple gounding exercise -- thank you! I have experienced your presence, classes, friendship and expert guidance for many years. You are a shining soul of compassion, creating visions of pure love. Thank you! Love, Nancy F.
By: Patti Garland
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Lookin' Good
Thanks for the grounding, and the calling in of ALL the guides technique. You're great! Patti
By: cancal-d
Straight forward, very useful advice
It's important to remember to ground oneself. I appreciated the suggestions in this video.
By: Evelyn Siegel
How To See Aura.......
Lorrie, you are the best! I felt so relaxed thru your video....WOW. I feel blessed to have you in my life. Evy
By: Ed
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Tarot: How to start a reading
Nice work, Lorrie. I thought the video was very well done. Keep up the great work. Ed from
By: Skye
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Great job Lorrie!
Loved how relaxing and clear you made those important first steps.
By: Lisa Ruiseco
Hi Lorrie
Lorrie, You are a complete natural and I am so blessed to be the recipient of your many gifts.
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