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Oliver Waller
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I am the Director of OneMinuteU. Welcome to our site. Let me know your thoughts or comments by emailing at Enjoy the site and upload your one minute video today!
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Learn how to say the most powerful phase in the world without actually saying it. The words "I LOVE YOU" can stir the wildest of emotions. Learn a simple hand gesture that will tell other...
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Business / Careers
Great tips on tax-deferred and tax-free investments for your retirement planning.
Total Views: 4281 Tags: retirement investing tax irs taxes plan Average Rating:
Business / Careers
From a tax standpoint, being a self-employed small business owner is a wonderful thing. Why? Because the tax deductions for self-employed individuals are many.
Total Views: 5174 Tags: tax small business self-employed taxes plan self-employment Average Rating:
Business / Careers
Paying taxes is often a good news/bad news deal. The good news is you finished your taxes with a minimum of fuss. The bad news finds you reaching for your pocketbook to cut a check to Uncle Sam for ta...
Total Views: 3898 Tags: tax credit cards taxes plan paying taxes tax bill Average Rating:
Business / Careers
As you complete your tax forms, cross-reference the allowable deductions and credits you’re allowed with a pre-made list that includes the deductions and credits you believe you’re entitled to. That w...
Total Views: 3042 Tags: tax tax return plan tax preparation tax forms tax planning Average Rating:
Business / Careers
Knowing the IRS’s standard deductions and how to itemize deductions is a key to getting the most from a tax planning strategy. That’s why you want to cover deductions like a blanket, so you’ll never a...
Total Views: 3468 Tags: tax irs taxes plan tax planning deductions Average Rating:
Business / Careers
For many Americans, the homes we own represent our greatest investments. Homes, like stocks and mutual funds, can go up or down in value. That said, home ownership is a grand slam investment-wise as h...
Total Views: 13761 Tags: home equity mortgage tax homes taxes plan Average Rating:
Business / Careers
Americans lose loads of cash every year by overlooking perfectly legal tax deductions. Don't let that happen to you - use these tax deductions to get a leg up on the IRS.
Total Views: 5491 Tags: tax irs plan deductions overlooking Average Rating:
Business / Careers
Paying taxes to the ITS gets trickier if you’re self employed. The good news is that self-employed individuals use the same basic tax form – the IRS 1040). Simply stated, the self-employment tax ...
Total Views: 4726 Tags: tax irs self-employed taxes plan Average Rating:
Business / Careers
When you’re self self-employed, deciding between establishing your business as a sole proprietorship or as a corporation is the first order of business. While there are several business categories ...
Total Views: 8848 Tags: business tax self-employed plan owner taxes sole proprietor Average Rating:

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