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These are the topics that OneMinuteU's users most want to see. If you can grant one of these requests by uploading a video or an article, click the 'Upload' button next to the request. You must be logged in to vote on requests or grant a request. If you don't see those buttons, you are not logged in.

1 How to make your hair look like Elvis Presley 4
2 How to find god in a simple way 3
3 How to earn passive income 3
4 How to do eye exercises 2
5 How to get rid of clutter 2
6 How to speed read 2
7 How to give a massage 2
8 How to pray for someone 2
9 How to prevent or recover from identity theft 1
10 voice 1
11 Tips for modelling 1
12 How to raise chickens 1
13 How to be a disk jockey 1
14 susan berkeley 1
15 How to get involved with volunteering 1
16 How to roll a fat blunt 1
17 How to market fuel saving or eco-friendly products 1
18 How to do fire magic 1
19 How to find legal help at a decreased rate 1
20 Tips for photography 1

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