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Health & Healing, Motivation & Inspiration, Spirituality
Quick tips for breathing to relieve stress.
By: Joyce Kenyon
Total Views: 2738

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International speaker & author Paul F. Davis who has touched over 50 countries, more than 50 islands, and 6 continents talks about stress reduction, cultivating inner peace, and regaining personal pow...
By: Paul F. Davis
Total Views: 9657

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Health & Healing, Spirituality
The missing link in meditation
By: Krishna Iyer, Tej Gyan Foundation
Total Views: 1678

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This process enables you to go within and connect with intuitive mind. It enables you by centering yourself through deep breathing.
By: Josephine Ghiringhelli
Total Views: 3551

Tags: meditation
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Brain Power!, Health & Healing, Spirituality
Simple, direct, accessible to all. Physical and emotional benefits and life changing success. Sit, focus on breath, breathe deeply, centering
By: Mr. Mo
Total Views: 3250

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