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Are You Singing Your Song of Success? Are you letting your song of success go silent? The following are five secrets that will guarantee that your song of success is heard and you can also live your...
By: Ed Sykes
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Joni demonstrates how to look like a pro while using a microphone.
By: Joni Wilson
Total Views: 1990

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Vocal Teacher and Professional Performer, Arlette Beauchamps, teaches you 2 easy tricks to build great breath control!
By: Arlette Beauchamps
Total Views: 7908

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If you're performing on-stage, you know it takes good breathing to project. Expand those lungs with this valuable technique.
By: Stephen Fuhri
Total Views: 3705

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The voice is a wind instrument and needs a strong breath to support it. This lesson gives the viewer a easy valuable example of how to strengthen your voice.
Total Views: 13200

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