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Brain Power!, Cooking and Nutrition, Diet and Weight Loss
Diane Edwards will show that using will power to fit your smoking addiction is great but the REAL key is fixing your subconscious mind.
By: Diane Edwards
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Health & Healing
How to conquer even the strongest cravings for any addictive substance.
By: Dan Galant
Total Views: 5562

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SMART Recovery is a free, self-empowering, evidence-based support group, face to face or online, for abstaining from any addictive behavior
By: Tom Horvath Phd
Total Views: 6658

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Most people who change an addictive behavior do so without attending AA(Alcoholics Anonymous) or other 12-step group.
By: Tom Horvath Phd
Total Views: 5840

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Therapist and Life Coach, Dr. Ana Kosok, guides you on your journey to control your drinking and live a fuller, happier life!
By: Ana Kosok
Total Views: 4163

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