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One of the biggest challenges to potential home sellers in this tough market is how to find an agent willing to represent them. Why would that be?
By: Mallory Nicholson
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Writing / Publishing
Your mission is not to find an agent, it is to find the right agent. Do you want an advocate or a gatekeeper?
By: Dan Poynter
Total Views: 13684

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Showbiz / Entertainment, Writing / Publishing
Ready to get published? This video will teach you the secrets to getting published.
By: Penny Sansevieri
Total Views: 3277

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Writing / Publishing
Literary & Film manager peter miller discusses how to approach an agent and how to make yourself standout
By: Peter Miller
Total Views: 3893

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Business / Careers, Writing / Publishing
Do you need an agent or a publisher to get your work out there? Here's a way to get yourself noticed.
By: Sam Horn
Total Views: 3098

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