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Most people who change an addictive behavior do so without attending AA(Alcoholics Anonymous) or other 12-step group.
By: Tom Horvath Phd
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Health & Healing
Dr. Ana Kosok offers tips for handling drink cravings.
By: Ana Kosok
Total Views: 7634

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Dr. Ana Kosok helps you determine whether you are a problem drinker.
By: Ana Kosok
Total Views: 4518

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Therapist and Life Coach, Dr. Ana Kosok, guides you on your journey to control your drinking and live a fuller, happier life!
By: Ana Kosok
Total Views: 4124

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Cocktails & Shots, Cooking and Nutrition, Magic/Party Tricks
Learn to make this tasty shot that's a big hit with the ladies (so gentlemen, take note).
By: Alexander Vodola
Total Views: 8148

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