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Motivation & Inspiration
Joan Marie the Gift, dubbed the Intuition Girl, informs viewers that in order to create extraordinary lifestyles, they must remain focused on positive thoughts and feelings. To find more inspirational...
By: Joan Marie Whelan
Total Views: 3908

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Get rid of anger now - release it and reconnect with yourself
By: Marcia Hayes
Total Views: 7449

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Cocktails & Shots, Hobbies, Magic/Party Tricks
Ready to impress a bar full of strangers? With this trick, you can make a beer bong with just a straw and a lighter!
By: Alexander Vodola
Total Views: 9465

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Intimacy / Relationships
Life and Leadership Coach David Brownstein's witty take on what's wrong with traditional Anger Management and how you can really deal with your anger, by expressing it safely. Visit http://www.thel...
By: David Brownstein
Total Views: 3594

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Motivation & Inspiration
4 Universal Powers that, when occurring simultaneously, result in Epiphany. The four Powers, common to all people, are: 1. Consciousness - The ability to observe Truth. 2. Humility - The release ...
By: Jim Manley
Total Views: 2265

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