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There are seven groups of listeners in any audience. Discover tips to authentically and instantly connect with each of them, gain rapport, and guide them through your presentation. Ideal for anyone wh...
By: Sheryl Roush
Total Views: 5474

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Communication expert and Acting for Non-Actors Coach, Arthur Reel, teaches how to conquer your the verbal crutches that cripple your communication skills!
By: Arthur Reel
Total Views: 5515

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There are three reading populations according to the American Library Association. Discover who your readers are, what they need from your marketing materials to respond!
By: Sheryl Roush
Total Views: 2311

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How to stop being a pushover and gain the respect of others.
By: Sheila Kimmel
Total Views: 2698

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Here's how Dr. Seuss's "The Cat in the Hat" can help you develop your vocal variety and hold your audience's attention.
By: Ed Sykes
Total Views: 2610

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