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Serious complications from cosmetic surgery procedures have been speculated about for years. The untimely death of Donda West, mother of rap artist Kanye West, who wanted several procedures performed ...
By: Cynthia
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Health & Healing, Intimacy / Relationships, Motivation & Inspiration
In full chakra charge pray for your intended partner, for their well being and the love they have in their lives right now, feel you deserve their love. pray for the partner you have now, by praying f...
By: solana
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Computers, Internet / Web Entrepreneur
If you're like me, you spend a lot of your time online searching for things. Here are several ways to increase your searching efficiency online and use your time better.
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Fear of change can immobilize the individual from making any positive moves. The trauma and drama of shutting yourself down can be extremely paralyzing.... Oh yes, and then call me in the morning ...
By: gwendolyn miles
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Business / Careers, Writing / Publishing
If you know your subject well and have done some prep work, it's entirely possible to pump out a 50-page book in a weekend. shows you how.
By: Donna Kozik
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