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Health & Healing
An introduction to foot and hand reflexology. Learn simple tips on how to work reflex areas on the feet and hands to help with headaches, tension and stress.
By: Bobbi Warren
Total Views: 7578

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April Wahlin shows us her amazing skills with a coin. You'll be doing it in less than a minute!
By: April Wahlin
Total Views: 7699

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Intimacy / Relationships
Rub your fingers over your body and show your lover three places that titillate you the most.
By: Loveology University
Total Views: 4474

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Put one hand over your eyes. Hold it there. Now open your fingers wide. Your child’s world bursts open just like that when you let them “grow up wild.” Have them feel the slickness of mud between thei...
By: SBoyer
Total Views: 2069

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Many people avoid looking in the mirror. Why? Because their face does not portray the youthful look they would like to see. Our physical looks fade as we mature; our skin tone is different, our hair...
By: Cynthia
Total Views: 2435

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